How to get your community involved in Britain in Bloom

How to get your community involved in Britain in Bloom

Britain in Bloom is about far more than making the UK’s towns and villages look pretty in the summer months. As we know, beautiful floral displays don’t just magically appear; they involve year-round hard work and determination behind the scenes. 

The good news is all this team work brings communities together. If you’re thinking about setting up a Britain in Bloom group, or expanding the team you already have, there are lots of ways you can boost community spirit as you pull together to make the place you live more attractive. 

Local authorities 

Many Britain in Bloom teams receive support from their local council and for some lucky groups, that funding comes in the form of financial backing. For example, the town of Shrewsbury received £250,000 and the use of 50 staff in 2017. At a time when budget cuts are a hard fact of life for local authorities, this could seem like an unnecessary expense. However, when you take into account the fact that Shrewsbury’s reputation as the ‘town of flowers’ attracts  1.5 million day visitors each year, this investment makes sound financial sense. If every visitor spends just £1 in the town, that equates to £1.5 million being pumped back into the local economy. 

Charity donations 

As Britain in Bloom is a campaign run by the Royal Horticultural Society, which is a charitable organisation, you can accept donations for your Britain in Bloom efforts. Whether you choose to crowdfund or arrange a fundraising event, it’s always best to fundraise for a tangible end result. For example, you could direct your fundraising efforts towards buying one Amberol’s tiered planters to make a stunning floral fountain as the centrepiece of your Britain in Bloom floral displays. 

Local businesses 

Sponsoring Britain in Bloom can be a very attractive prospect for local businesses. Not only is it a great way to support the local community, the advertising plaques available on Amberol’s wide range of large floor standing planters is a highly visible way to advertise. The sponsorship packages put together by Britain in Bloom teams are also often a cost-effective advertising option for smaller businesses on limited budgets. And of course, when a Britain in Bloom award attracts increased footfall to a town, that benefits local businesses too. 

Community groups 

Organisations like the Rotary Club, Brownies and Women’s Institute are all worth approaching to get involved in Britain in Bloom. Not every group you approach will be able to commit their time, but most of them will be pleased to be asked, and you may be surprised how many people take you up on your offer. After all, Britain in Bloom is all about the community and what better way to get the people who live in your town or village involved than by actively inviting them to join in? This kind of partnership can work particularly well when a group is given a specific project to take charge of, for example, regenerating a neglected patch of land near the location they meet at. 

Schools, churches and hospitals 

Those running public buildings are usually open to the idea of improving their surroundings. Getting involved in Britain in Bloom is a particularly useful exercise for schools, who can use the project as an opportunity to educate their pupils about the importance and practicalities of growing plants. Last year, the Gold award given to the town of Usk in South East Wales was in part due to the efforts of local primary school children who proudly showed the judges their vegetable garden. 

Amberol is privileged to work in partnership with Britain in Bloom to supply groups across the UK with our range of planters and containers featuring the unique Aquafeed system. For more information, please contact us on 01773 830 930 or email

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