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Container gardens showcased at the Chelsea Flower Show

Container gardens showcased at the Chelsea Flower Show

The return of the annual Chelsea Flower Show in its traditional late May timeslot is another sign that things are slowly starting to normalise after the last two years. The event will showcase new trends and innovations in horticulture and garden design as well as offering its usual floral spectacle in the Great Pavilion and across the site.

The Houseplant Studios which were introduced in 2021 are making an appearance again this year, alongside special Platinum Jubilee themed displays. In addition to the usual show gardens and the smaller sanctuary gardens which promote the role of gardening in mental wellbeing, smaller spaces are also catered for through the inclusion of five container gardens created by designers who are exhibiting at Chelsea for the first time.

As manufacturers of self-watering planters, we have long championed containers for their versatility as well as the variety and visual appeal that they can bring to gardens and public spaces. So we are delighted to see planters being promoted at such an important horticultural event.

Chelsea’s five container gardens

  1. Mediterranean Reflections - This garden is inspired by the landscape of Majorca, using the colours and stone textures commonly found across the Mediterranean. A stone-effect wall represents the weathering impact of the sun and sea with a reclaimed timber and granite bench, anchored by planters, as the garden’s centrepiece. Plants have been carefully chosen and include drought-tolerant succulents, perennials and ornamental grasses.
  2. Mandala, Meditation and Mindfulness - Gardens are often seen as places of tranquillity and their value during the pandemic as spaces where people could meet safely is celebrated in this beautiful garden. The site has been designed as place where people can sit quietly and meditate or enjoy the peace around them, which is only broken by the sound of the garden’s water feature, accompanied by bees and birdsong. The water feature is surrounded by eucalyptus trees, white flowers and herbs that can be picked and used to make tea.
  3. Enchanted Rain Garden - The source of inspiration for this garden is somewhat surprising - a rainy garden in Manchester. This container garden has been designed to thrive in wet conditions, just as the UK forests thrive in the damp British climate. Container plants include ferns and green plants with waxy textures that transform the rain into sparkling droplets. Reclaimed stone planters are used to evoke the natural form of ancient forests and also provide a suitable surface for moss to grow. The garden also includes a water barrel to collect the rain.
  4. The Still Garden – The stunning Scottish islands and Highlands are the source of inspiration for this garden. The range of plants include many native species while reclaimed Scottish whisky casks have been used to construct planters packed with foliage. The garden’s central pond is created from a repurposed copper gin distilling pot, and slate from a disused Perthshire quarry is used to represent a glen between two mountains.
  5. The Wild Kitchen Garden – Edible horticulture comes to the fore in this urban-style garden which includes wild edible plants and trees. The planters include one for edible aquatics and the garden itself also has a sink and preparation area. Inspired in part by the recipes and writing of the late Roger Phillips, this garden shows what can be achieved within a small urban space.

Why self-watering planters are a great alternative to reclaimed containers

It's great to see that so many of the materials used in the creation of these container gardens were reclaimed. However, if looking to source a larger number of planters, finding enough reclaimed containers to use can be challenging and time-consuming. All Amberol self-watering planters are made from recycled or recyclable materials to reduce the impact on the environment.

Our stone effect self-watering planters are a great option when reclaimed containers such as those used in the Enchanted Rain Garden aren’t available, are too costly or are too heavy and cumbersome for purpose. And the fact that all our planters are self-watering and need to be topped up just once or twice a week even in the hottest weather makes them suitable for use in any garden or public place – whether Mediterranean themed or not.

Find out more about Amberol’s self-watering planters

If you would like to find out more about our wide range of self-watering planters, call us on 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk. You can also arrange a bespoke online demonstration to see our planters in more detail.

Amberol’s stone effect troughs make a great alternative to reclaimed stone planters. Please note, this planter is not on display at the Chelsea Flower Show.