Seven top tips for entering Amberol’s photo competition

Seven top tips for entering Amberol’s photo competition

The annual Amberol photo competition is always hotly contested with entries demonstrating the many stunning floral displays that can be seen all across the UK throughout the summer months. With prizes on offer of up to £1000 worth of Amberol products (choose from self-watering planters, litter bins or planterware), it’s a competition well worth entering.

Deciding the winners is always an enjoyable and challenging task for the judges and so we thought it might be helpful to offer some handy tips to would-be entrants. Plus, with so many displays at their peak due to this year’s more temperate summer weather as well as recent Britain in Bloom judges’ visits, it’s the perfect time to take that potentially winning photo.

Our top photo tips:

Be the centre of attention

The aim of your photo should be to showcase the amazing floral displays and so, whether your image includes one planter or several, the planters and their contents should be the focal point of the image.  Depending on where the self-watering planter is locates and what’s around it, you may be able draw attention to the primary subject by framing it through a nearby feature such as an archway for example. 

Think about the background

It’s also important to pay attention to the background and look at what is around the immediate vicinity of the planter.  Something unattractive and unsightly could seriously detract from the overall image. In addition, if there is too much going on in the background, it could detract from the appearance of the floral display and the overall image. Ultimately, it’s easier to create a strong image with one single interesting subject. An overly busy scene may just act as a distraction.

Use the light

Light is a crucial factor when taking photos both inside and outside, so make sure you check where the light is coming from before taking your photo. Think about where the shadows are falling and how the angle of the light impacts on the overall visual, Can you use the light to highlight the subject i.e. the planter and flowers?

Landscape or portrait?

There’s no right answer to this one; some displays will look better taken in landscape format whilst others suit portrait framing better. The point is, think about which works better before taking your photo – or ideally, try both and see for yourself which has more impact.

Take a look

Always review your photos on screen. The view in front of you can look vastly different in real life than it does when captured as an image on screen or film, so always take a good look at your photos after taking them - and consider ways of improving the composition and overall image. 

Don’t be afraid of empty space

It’s tempting to think the brighter, bolder and busier your image the better, but sometimes the contrast of a simple background or just empty space (known as negative space) can really make the subject stand out.

Get a sense of perspective

Try altering the perspective that your photo is taken from. Hanging baskets and up-the-pole planters can look really intriguing taken from a lower angle rather than traditional chest/face height. Having a different perspective often results in a more interesting image.  in addition, shooting from a lower angle shows your subject with nothing but sky in the background, creating a striking image. It also enables you to capture detail in the foreground.

A reminder of the entry requirements 

The Amberol photo competition is open to anyone. Photos can be of public displays or taken in private gardens. They just have to show one of Amberol’s self-watering planters in use. 

  1. Look for the black/white or green/white Amberol logo on our self-watering hanging baskets, tiered planters, barrier baskets, self-watering barrels, stone effect troughs or large floor standing containers. 
  2. Take your photo.
  3. Email it to You can enter as many times as you like before the closing date of Friday 13th September.

1st prize - £1000 worth of Amberol products
2nd prize - £500 worth of Amberol products
3rd prize - £250 worth of Amberol products

To see last year’s winning entries or to look for inspiration, visit our Facebook page or our community hub.

You can send your entries any time before Friday 13th September; just email with your image and contact details. we look forward to seeing them.

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