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Things you might want to know...

What's the best method for planting up my hanging basket?

Fill the basket with moist compost, and slow release fertiliser if desired, and plant up as required. Plant up densely for best results. Don't fill the water reservoir at this point - wait until you have rehung the basket.

How environmentally friendly are your plastic products?

Our Plaswood seating range is produced using 100% recycled polythene and together with our Planterware range these products are also fully recyclable. Rotational moulding is also a low-temperature, energy-efficient method of manufacture (and we recycle all of our production waste).

What are the benefits of plastic over other traditional materials?

Our plastic products are frost resistant (unlike terracotta which is prone to splitting), they are impact resistant, recyclable, their colour doesn't fade, they are resistant to attack by insects, they're splinter free and resistant to graffiti.