As Britain in Bloom judging approaches, self-watering planters help keep floral displays fresh

As Britain in Bloom judging approaches, self-watering planters help keep floral displays fresh

As In Bloom groups and councils prepare for regional judging in the 2018 Britain in Bloom competition, many are turning to self-watering planters to help keep their displays in tip top condition during the recent spell of hot weather. 

Amberol’s self-watering containers are used by hundreds of groups across the UK as part of their entry into the competition.  In fact, in 2017, around half of the finalists used our self-watering planters as part of their displays, including Best Town winners Halstead in Bloom and Best Large Town winners Farnham in Bloom

Britain in Bloom judges tour the UK

The judges’ visits take place across the UK and last throughout July and August as they view villages, towns and cities in 17 regional competitions as well as in the national finals, the results of which will be announced at a ceremony in Belfast on October 19th. A copy of the judging guidelines for Britain in Bloom can be found here.

However, the recent spell of hot weather can be a challenge as volunteers and ground staff struggle to deal with dry, thirsty plants. Using self-watering planters helps ensure that floral displays stay fresh thanks to the built-in water reservoir in body of the container. 

Watering once a week

Most self-watering planters only need filling up once a week even in the hottest weather. The water reservoir sits below the soil level, reducing evaporation and a series of high capacity capillaries ‘suck up’ the water which is then evenly dispersed via an expander pad. This means that the plants take up water as and when they need it, helping to create optimal conditions for growth. 

Amberol have been manufacturing self-watering planters since 1979, working alongside Britain in Bloom groups, councils and businesses to help create beautiful displays. 

Managing the hot weather with self-watering planters

MD Patience Atkinson-Gregory comments: “As judging day approaches, Britain in Bloom teams work tirelessly to ensure the floral displays they have created look the best they possibly can. The unpredictable nature of the great British summer is always a factor and this year largely dry and sunny weather culminating in the UK-wide late June heatwave has given Britain in Bloom groups an extra challenge when it comes to showcasing their floral creations.” 

A great record in Britain in Bloom

Halstead in Bloom has used self-watering planters for several years. The group has a successful record in the regional and national In Bloom competitions. As well as winning Best Town category in 2017, they have also been awarded Gold in the prestigious Champion of Champions category.

Julia Smith of Halstead in Bloom believes that self-watering containers make a valuable contribution to the town’s entry. “The planters definitely help us to save water as we usually water only two times a week. This saves time - and ultimately money. We use river water to irrigate several of our town centre container displays and we get many positive comments from residents and visitors.”

Self-watering planters are often looked on favourably by In Bloom judges. Environmental responsibility accounts for 25% of the overall marks available and includes resource management issues such as water conservation. 

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