Capture the essence of spring with self-watering hanging baskets

Capture the essence of spring with self-watering hanging baskets

Often considered a high maintenance addition to floral displays, planting up a set of hanging baskets is a highly effective way to instantly cheer up any high street or public space – especially as spring approaches.

Hanging baskets enhance communities and bring colour to public areas and spaces that you’d be forgiven for thinking would be out of reach. They brighten dull walls and grey places, creating a transition from greenery to bricks and mortar - even in residential settings. 

Filling an empty wall, walkways in town centres or on the patios of cafes, pubs and restaurants, hanging baskets are versatile and can provide a welcoming burst of colour. No matter what the purpose is or where they’ll be placed, hanging baskets give horticulturalists the chance to play with plant combinations to create a colourful display. 

Watering once or twice a week

They have a reputation for being high maintenance, but thanks to our self-watering system, by using Amberol’s hanging baskets you get all the benefits with very little upkeep. 

If you’re buying a self-watering hanging basket as part of anIn Bloom group, you could get local businesses involved by asking if they’d be interested in adding hanging baskets to their building’s exterior. 

Groups could also set up a contract for watering and feeding the hanging baskets to keep them looking their best. The business gets a floral impact through spring and summer that customers and passers-by will appreciate – and the In Bloom group gets funding to invest in community activity.

Which hanging basket is for you?

At Amberol, we have four different hanging basket designs, all of which have a self-watering system. Our range goes from the conventional to the more rustic and your choice will much depend on your surroundings. 

Britain is rife with historic towns and villages, and our wicker and imperial hanging baskets will bring a sense of tradition to the area.  Our attractive cup and saucer hanging baskets may be better suited to modern city centres and public spaces. 

Buy self-watering hanging baskets

Whatever hanging basket you choose, Amberol’s Aquafeed™ technology means that our self-watering planters will create displays that bring colour to an area all year-round. To browse our range of self-watering hanging baskets, click here.