Quality self-watering planters, hanging baskets & window boxes for the public realm

Amberol self-watering planters save time, water and money. No question.

Conscious of positive environmental impact from the start, Amberol pioneered and developed the unique self-watering system called AquafeedTM.

The concept is as remarkable as it is simple: a series of high capacity capillary-action wicks “suck” water up from a sub-soil water reservoir onto dispersal matting, from which water spreads evenly to the compost overlaying it, keeping it optimally moist at all times.

As a result, plants stay healthy and look stunning for longer. Why? Because plant roots grow towards the water source, absorbing only the water and nutrient they need.

Evaporation is also kept to a minimum, therefore self-watering planters need only be topped up once or twice a week, saving you time, water and money. 

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