Guide to planting self-watering spring containers

Guide to planting self-watering spring containers

Spring is a time to get out in the fresh air and start planting again. It’s a time to maybe also put some of those garden-related Christmas presents to use!

For councils and Britain in Bloom groups, self-watering containers such as hanging and up-the-pole baskets, and standing and tiered planters are a way of bringing colour to areas with little green space.

So, how do you create a little springtime colour with self-watering planters?

Best plants to put in spring containers

Pansies and violas are a classic spring choice, with good reason. In fact, spring simply wouldn’t feel the same without them. These plants are low growers and, as such, should be used in containers that are wide and no higher than eye-level. Window and barrier baskets work particularly well. Otherwise, they can be used as filler plants in a mixed container with larger plants.

Other good choices for spring planting include primroses, polyanthus, hebe and skimmia japonica.

The best floral displays are made up of several plants with a mixture of height, shape and colour with a centrepiece such as a spring bulb such as daffodils, hyacinths and tulips. However, a little forward planning is required:  for these to flower in time, they need to have been planted in the previous autumn.  For a guide on planting bulbs for spring click here. 

Can self-watering planters combat unpredictable spring weather?

One of the advantages of self-watering planters is their suitability for all weathers – particularly useful during the unpredictable spring months when we can go from snow to sunshine within 24 hours.  Because of the drainage holes built into each self-watering container, it’s impossible to over water plants. Conversely, if you are caught out by a burst of unseasonably hot weather, because our planters need watering once or twice a week at most, your plants will remain moist and well-watered. Ourself-watering containers have a double wall of insulation to protect from extremes of heat and cold – so all the weather bases are pretty much covered. Very handy in the unpredictable British springtime.   

Create great displays with self-watering planters 

Amberol’s self-watering containers are ideal for creating a stunning display of spring bulbs. From self-watering barrier baskets and window boxes, to self-watering barrels and metre square planters, we offer a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours.

For more information about our range of planterware and self-watering containers, call Amberol on 01773 830 930 today.

Photo of self-watering planters courtesy of Draycott in Bloom

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