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Amberol self-watering planter
Amberol floor standing self-watering planter
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Amberol tiered self-watering planter
Amberol up-the-pole self-watering basket

Our self-watering system for planters will save you time, water and money!

So how do they do it? Every planter in our range benefits from our unique ‘Aquafeed’ self-watering system which keeps plants healthy and nourished for longer whilst only requiring a top up once or twice a week. Our quality planters come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes suited to a variety of situations. 

So, whether you want to lift the spirit in a town or city centre, inject some colour into your forecourt or enter the ever more popular Britain in Bloom competition, Amberol has the right solution for you.

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What are the benefits of Amberol’s self-watering planters?

Ease of use - don’t leak, less watering, low maintenance… Because evaporation is kept to a minimum our planters need only be topped up once or twice a week, saving you time, water and money.

Longer lasting flower displays - a series of high capacity capillary-action wicks contained within our self-watering planters “suck” water up from a sub-soil water reservoir onto a dispersal matting. From here water spreads evenly to the compost, keeping it optimally moist at all times. As a result, plants stay healthy and look stunning for longer. Why? Because plant roots grow towards the water source, absorbing only the water and nutrient they need.

Our planters are customisable - available in 18 standard colours with options for adding your own branding and sponsorship, our planters can be personalised to your needs.

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Amberol website gets a new look for a new decade
Amberol website gets a new look for a new decade

Have you visited the Amberol website recently? If not, now would be a good time to take a fresh look as we are delighted to announce some changes. In fact, the whole website has had a bit of an exciting makeover to mark the start of a new decade.

Join the war against litter with the Great British Spring Clean
Join the war against litter with the Great British Spring Clean

With the Great British Spring Clean 2020 officially launched in January, momentum for the annual initiative is starting to build. This year’s event runs from 20th March to 13th April and the aim is to make the 2020 campaign even bigger and better. In 2019, over half a million volunteers were involved in everything from litter picks to individual litter pledges. This year the campaign’s target is to involve at least 600,000 people.

Can your local economy benefit from Britain in Bloom?
Can your local economy benefit from Britain in Bloom?

Investing in the built environment costs money. Many of our customers have to balance the benefits of initiatives such as creating floral displays and keeping the streets tidy with shrinking budgets. So, is the money that is spent on community projects such as brightening community areas, entering Britain in Bloom and funding litter facilities and campaigns really worth it?

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