Which self-watering planter is right for you?

Which self-watering planter is right for you?

Whether it’s a city centre or a country village, self-watering planters help bring life and colour to a whole host of spaces – even areas filled with nothing more than bricks and mortar.

Although traditional planters can also bring wanted colour to an area, they often cost more in the long run in terms of time and maintenance - that’s where self-watering planters come in. The built-in water reservoirs in Amberol’s self-watering planters mean that most of our containers need watering no more than once a week, saving time, water and money.

Self-watering planters are traditionally considered more suitable for use in the summer – but they actually enhance growing conditions all year round. This is why Amberol’s planters are used by councils, businesses and Britain in Bloom groups across the UK all year round. But with so many styles and designs to choose from, which self-watering planter is best for you? 

Self-watering hanging baskets

Unlike traditional hanging baskets, our self-watering baskets don’t leak and only need to be watered once a week. Despite the low maintenance, hanging baskets bring cascades of colour to corners and spots that couldn’t be reached before. Amberol’s self-watering hanging baskets include conventional designs and a new wicker range. 

Up-the-pole baskets

Similarly, up-the-pole baskets can add floral beauty to possibly the dullest of street items: poles, posts and bollards. The baskets are easy to mount and come in a range of designs and sizes.

Barrier baskets and window boxes

Barrier baskets and window boxes bring life to walkways, side by side with pedestrians. The baskets fit on top of or onto either side of railings, ledges and building frontages. With coated toughened steel brackets, a quick and easy installation is guaranteed. 

Large floor standing planters

Large floor standing planters are ideal for holding eye-catching displays to open spaces and walkways. In our range, we have over ten different large planter designs, perfect for creating optimal growing conditions and displays with the wow factor. The standing planters can be used on their own or used as the foundations of a tiered planter.

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Self-watering tiered planter

Tiered planters are often used as the focal point of a display. Amberol’s tiered planters can hold up to six central plant-up tiers and can range from 5.5ft in height to over 12ft, bringing a waterfall of colour to a space. The planters can also be as personalised as you like, with the option of choosing your own base, tier, crests and wording plaques. 

Buy self-watering planters 

More often than not, a combination of self-watering planters will work best. Whatever combination you choose, Amberol’s Aquafeed™ technology means that our self-watering planters will create displays that bring colour to an area all year-round. 

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