Create amazing floral displays with self-watering up-the-pole baskets

Fabulous, easy-to-mount units that can be safely secured to almost any pole, post or bollard using sturdy brackets.

Like all Amberol self-watering baskets, they do not leak; they minimize evaporation and only need to be watered once or twice a week. In short, they save water, time and money!

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Up the Pole Basket

Up the Pole Basket
Product Code Dimensions
CUH-1P Diameter 470mm Depth 270mm
CUH-2P Diameter 590mm Depth 270mm
CUH-3P Diameter 800mm Depth 270mm

Half Unit Up-the-Pole Basket

Half Unit Up-the-Pole Basket
Product Code Dimensions
UTP-1P Diameter 590mm Depth 270mm
UTP-2P Diameter 800mm Depth 270mm

Cup and Saucer Up-the-Pole Basket

Cup and Saucer Up-the-Pole Basket
Product Code Dimensions
CNS-1P Diameter 650mm Depth 300mm

Available colours

Please note that the colour examples are for guidance only, actual colour samples can be supplied prior to ordering if required.

White Sunflower Biscuit Orange Sky Blue Light Green Black Terracotta Cherry Poppy Navy Blue Standard Green Tudor Brown Mottle Moss Stone Dark Sandstone Millstone Grit Guernsey Granite Dark Granite

Things you might want to know...

What's the best way to plant up my up the pole basket?

Fill the basket or liner with moist compost, and slow release fertiliser if desired, and plant up as required. Plant up densely for best results. DO NOT fill the water reservoir at this point.

How do I fix the up the pole basket into place?

Following our manufacturer’s instructions (supplied with the product), securely fix the basket to the pole or post using the appropriate supporting bracket(s). Where applicable, place the planted up liner in the basket.

Should I fill the reservoir with water before or after the basket has been attached?

Once you've securely fixed the basket the integral water reservoir can be filled with water and nutrient. Leave the unique AquafeedTM capillary action matting to do the rest!

With the use of Amberol’s special Self-watering System our watering crews now manage with just two visits per week to water planters during the summer. This would compare to daily visits when we had traditional baskets. Read our case studies
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