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A strategic approach to litter collection in action

A strategic approach to litter collection in action

At Amberol we often talk about the importance of taking a strategic approach to litter management. Whether you are a local authority, a business, a hospital or another organisation, it’s vital to have a plan in place for effective waste disposal.

So we were interested to read about a school in Glasgow that has succeeded in reducing litter in their area by 80% as a result of implementing a constructive approach to litter collection and disposal.

Working with the local authority

As part of the ‘Clean Glasgow’ pilot project supported by Glasgow City Council, students from Castlemilk High School began by carrying out a litter audit and mapping out the locations of different bins in use. They then held clean-ups across the area.

The students’ research showed that many of the bins were on the opposite side of a path used frequently by pupils. To meet the high levels of need in this location, a new 360-litre bin was installed nearer to the local shops and takeaway van, recognising the fact that food and retail outlets are often areas where more litter is dropped. Council officers also sprayed footsteps on paths leading to bins. This is known as "the nudge technique" which was pioneered in Amsterdam.

In addition, the council ran a scheme with the school called ‘Bin it to Win it’, which rewarded students for using the bins with small prizes, encouraging the development of good habits around litter disposal. The school reported that recycling rates had also improved as a result of the scheme.

The key features of a successful litter campaign

The work at Castlemilk High School illustrates some of the key features of a successful campaign to reduce litter. Firstly it’s important to audit the situation as it currently stands, asking questions such as: Where are the litter hotspots? Where are your litter bins situated? How well used are they? Are there areas that don’t have sufficient litter facilities? The answers to these and similar questions help ensure that litter bins are placed where they are most needed.

The second part of the strategy is forming good habits through the ‘Bin it to Win it’ campaign. Ideally, people will dispose of their litter appropriately out of a sense of civic duty, but if not, an enticement to form the habit of disposing of their rubbish responsibly can be a powerful tool in the fight to reduce littering.

Amberol litter bins in action

The Sixth Form College in Farnborough is just one example of a school that has used Amberol litter bins successfully as part of its litter strategy. The College also use self-watering planters to make the college grounds look as appealing as possible. Research shows that rubbish is less likely to be dropped in attractive, well-maintained surroundings so this approach is another important part of successful litter management.

The College use Amberol’s Ample Bins which have a wide top opening with a self-locking swing lid and are designed for quick emptying. A representative from the College commented: “The bins have vastly improved the site, making it easy for our students to dispose of litter, keeping the site clean and tidy. They are able to accommodate a large amount of rubbish whilst still remaining stylish and enhancing their location.”

The right bin for the right place

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to litter bin selection, which is why Amberol offer a wide variety of recycling and non-recycling bins for both indoor and outdoor use. One of our most popular ranges for use in places like schools, parks, shopping centres and theme parks is our animal and bird bin range. Children and adults alike enjoy the novelty of ‘feeding’ the bins, while the potential to add a voice box to make the bins speak makes them even more appealing. The bins thank people for disposing of their litter and messages can also be customised.

A sustainable solution

Whatever your waste management need, it is likely that Amberol have the right bin for you. Our black bins are all made from recycled polyethylene, and with a long shelf life, are a sustainable solution for anyone seeking to manage litter responsibly.

Call 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk to find out more. You can also arrange for a bespoke online demonstration.