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Creating blooming borders and boundaries with the flexible self-watering Parade Planter

Creating blooming borders and boundaries with the flexible self-watering Parade Planter

One of the many advantages of using containers for planting rather than traditional flower beds is the versatility that containers can offer. Planters can be relocated with relative ease to enhance a specific space or fit in with a particular theme, offering great potential for the imaginative Britain in Bloomer, horticulturalist or gardener.

One of Amberol’s newest products is the highly versatile Parade Planter. Versatile because it can be extended for larger spaces, making it suitable for any space, from small corners to larger open spaces and high streets.

Create the shape you want

Launched during 2019, the newest version of the Parade Planter is part of the Nexus line, which has been designed to interlock via a simple-to-use moulded key. This means that planters in the range can be joined together to create stunning floral walls and lines, as well as being joined at angles to create borders and boundaries. In fact, Parade Planters can be used to make almost any shape that you want. This allows imaginations to run riot and create some stunning frames and lines as well as being a flexible linking planter. The Parade Planter measures 1.2 metres by 0.5 metres with a depth of 0.7 metres. It has a 140 litre compost capacity and 120 litre capacity for water storage, allowing ample room for good root growth – crucial for a healthy plant.

Plus, with Amberol’s unique Aquafeed™ self-watering technology, you can be sure of blooming great results. As plants receive moisture and nutrients as and when they are required, they are more likely to achieve optimal growth, ensuring healthier, more robust plants.

How does the Aquafeed ™ system work?

The secret of Amberol’s self-watering success, the Aquafeed system comprises a series of high capacity capillary action wicks that “suck” water up from a sub-soil water reservoir onto a dispersal mat. This dispersal matting distributes the water evenly to the compost overlaying it, keeping it optimally moist at all times. As a result, evaporation is kept to a minimum and plant roots absorb only the water they need, thereby keeping plants healthy and strong for longer. Self-watering planters need only be topped up once or twice a week. They cannot be over watered as they have overflow holes just above the dispersal matting base which allow excess water to escape. So, you save time and money on maintaining great displays.

The whole process under one roof

Unlike other most other planter and litter bin manufacturers, the team at Amberol carry out the whole end-to-end process, from design to manufacture to sales which means that products change and develop in response to customer needs. Amberol’s sales reps travel all over, meeting customers, finding out what they want and listening to their feedback. That information then goes onto help design and improve Amberol’s range of products, from self-watering planters, to benches to picnic tables to litter bins.

Amberol also combine over 50 years of manufacturing experience with great eco credentials. All the company’s products are made from recyclable polyethylene, which is robust and long lasting, and which can be recycled at the end of its life. The range of benches and tables are made from recycled plastic, making them a robust, environmentally friendly choice.

An assurance of quality

All Amberol products meet the British Standards ISO9001:2015 standard, which covers the whole manufacturing process and gives customers a trusted independent assurance of quality.

To find out more about the Amberol range of self-watering planters, litter bins, outdoor benches and tables, call 01773 830930 or email

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