How self-watering planters and containers can create a sense of history

How self-watering planters and containers can create a sense of history

When looking to create a strong visual impact, the combination of contemporary and traditional can be a powerful one.  Just think of a glass extension on the back of a Victorian house, vintage fashion sense matched with modern accessories or exciting new architecture against the backdrop of a quintessentially British town. 

However, there are times when embracing and complementing the surrounding heritage is a better option. We are renowned in Britain for our sense of history with chocolate box villages and green pastures, as well as historic towns and cities.

Which comes first – the planter or the plants? 

When creating floral displays, the container that you use can be just as important as the flowers themselves. However, creating the right historic feel can be difficult to achieve because finding authentic items that fit in with the scenery can be difficult to source. As a result, many councils, and Britain in Bloom groups make-do with old planters that are damaged and in need of replacing. However, while they might fit the brief of ‘aged’, they can also look worn and unattractive, ruining the appeal of a great floral display.

That is why we developed the stone effect trough, closely modelled on a real old stone trough. Although the trough is made from recyclable polyethylene, making it durable, light and portable, it looks just like the real thing.  

The stone trough is just one product in a range specifically designed to enhance historic sites and bring a touch of traditional elegance to your displays. From wooden effect barrels to hanging baskets, the Amberol heritage range of self-watering planters are ideal for use in historic towns and villages, bringing a touch of class and a sense of tradition. 

Why choose heritage self-watering planters and containers?
  • Seamless continuity - authenticity underpins our Heritage range. From the barrel planters that are moulded from genuine whisky barrels, to our stone troughs moulded from the real thing, the appearance is natural and authentic.  
  • Aged appearance - although they might have the appearance of an older planter, on the inside they have modern technologies such as self-watering features and are hard-wearing. Produced using a hardwearing polyethylene, they do not rot or rust and maintain their colour well.
  • Quality – as with all Amberol products, our heritage range is built to last. The durable design means that maintenance is minimal and replacements are a rarity. 
Buying heritage planters

As well as our classic barrel planter and the newly developed stone trough, our heritage range also includes imperial and wicker hanging baskets, rocks and town entry planters available in a stone effect. To see our full heritage range, click here. To find out how we could help you create displays with a touch of class, call us today on 01773 830 930 or email

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