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Amberol self-watering planters help racecourse win award

Amberol self-watering planters help racecourse win award

Ripon Racecourse is a thoroughbred horse racing venue in North Yorkshire. The venue holds regular flat racing events throughout the season and has a reputation as 'Yorkshire's Garden Racecourse'.

The racecourse has won 'Best Small Racecourse in Northern England' awarded by the Racegoers Club in four of the last seven years and. For the very first time in 2017 the team also won the Professional Horse Racecourse Grounds Team category at the prestigious Institute of Ground staff awards.

How Amberol helped Ripon Racecourse

The award was presented to Ripon Racecourse in recognition of their high level of grounds maintenance which Carl Tonks, head groundsman believes Amberol's planters play an important part in. 

On the track itself, the team work tirelessly to produce a racing surface that is fast, good/good to firm for each of the 17 days of racing each season. In addition to the track, the team also maintains 210 acres of open space that is filled with Amberol self-watering planters

The racecourse has tiered planters across the grounds and window boxes located around the main grandstand. Although traditional planters bring colour to an area, the inclusion of the built-in water reservoirs in all Amberol self-watering planters means that most of our containers need watering no more than once a week. This saves Ripon Racecourse the precious commodities of water, money and time. 

How self-watering planters work

Amberol's self-watering planters - whether they are hanging baskets, window boxes, tiered planters or standing planters - all have a built-in water reservoir with a matting system and a series of capillaries to 'suck' up the water as required. Because the water is stored under the soil, it doesn't evaporate like it would in a normal planter. 

Self-watering planters are traditionally considered more beneficial through the summer months as the heat can lead to traditional planters drying out, but they actually enhance growing conditions all year round. 

Buy self-watering planters 

"We're pleased to hear that our self-watering planters are helping customers to create beautiful displays and that the expert grounds team at Ripon Racecourse have found them a useful addition," comments Amberol's MD Patience Atkinson-Gregory. 

Amberol's self-watering planters can be found in playgrounds, theme parks, public parks and other leisure attractions, as well as across the streets of the UK, bringing cascades of floral colour. 

Not sure which self-watering planter is right for you? Check out the range of styles, sizes and colours here or call us on 0773 830 930 for some friendly, no-obligation advice.

Photo: Ripon Racecourse wins awards for its stunning displays

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