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Tim’s Travel Blog… spotlight on seasonal planters

Tim’s Travel Blog… spotlight on seasonal planters

This month, Tim Troman, Amberol’s Business Development Manager has spotted some Amberol planters bursting with wonderful winter planting featuring some ornamental grasses, vivid winterberries, winter-flowers and evergreen foliage in his hometown of Alfreton and whilst visiting a nursery customer.

There are many benefits to growing winter flowering plants in planters and the first is that it can be very low maintenance. Looking after a planter is much easier and quicker than maintaining a border especially during the colder months.

Tim’s Top Seasonal Planters

Amberol’s self-watering hanging baskets are ideal for displaying stunning seasonal planters especially in the run up to Christmas, lifting the spirit to those dark days.

This Amberol hanging basket has been filled with stunning winter-flowering pansies and violas, that will keep flowering until June, adding cheery colours right through winter. Trailing ivy is a great choice for hanging baskets, as well as dwarf conifers and grasses adding height to the display.

Amberol’s self-watering Two-Tiered Barrel Planter is an authentic natural looking barrel planter and ideal for town centre winter floral displays.

This Amberol two-tiered barrel planter has been filled with striking trailing ivy and creeping Jenny foliage, creating a fountain of evergreens amongst winter pansies and heathers. Cordyline has been used as a dramatic bold centrepiece, as well heuchera, displaying some excellent evergreen foliage in green or rich plum shades with exquisite markings.

Amberol’s Stone Trough has an authentic design and is perfect for heritage locations, blending well into its surroundings. It is self-watering and has been moulded from a genuine stone trough.

This Amberol Stone Trough features some gorgeous white and red winterberries, amongst ornamental grasses, ivy and heuchera foliage. Cordyline has been used again as a striking centrepiece.

Tim spotted Amberol’s self-watering Celebration Tiered Planter and Parade Planter displaying some beautiful winter displays in Alfreton.

Amberol’s Celebration Tiered Planter and Amberol’s Parade Planter are bursting with colourful winter heather and cyclamen, as well as cineraria, that gives a magnificent silver foliage and skimmia japonica rubella, that has small red buds in winter and flowers in early spring.

Autumn/Winter 2023 photo competition

Why not send us your autumn and winter seasonal displays, by entering our autumn/ winter photo competition, opening for entries on 1st November 2023 and runs until 31st March 2024. Results will be announced in April 2024.

Entering is very easy; just submit your photos of Amberol’s self-watering planters with your wonderful displays via the online form on the Amberol website. Your photos will then be entered into the public vote taking place in April.

How can we help you?

If you would like some more information on Amberol’s self-watering planters for your seasonal displays, then please contact us on 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk for more information.