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Looking for a solution to summer litter?

Looking for a solution to summer litter?

As summer arrives, many of us welcome the lighter nights, more temperate climate and cheering spells of sunshine. The warmer weather also encourages us to spend more time outside, walking, picnicking and socialising. And while this is all good for our mental and physical health, there can sometimes be an unfortunate environmental by-product of living life outdoors – litter.

From ice cream wrappers to plastic bottles, rates of littering generally rise during the summer months, as can often be seen in media images of rubbish-strewn public places after a busy bank holiday weekend at the beach or in the park.

The good news is that litter rates can be significantly reduced by applying a clear litter policy, encompassing a wide range of areas of waste management including effective communication with the public, consistent messaging and signage – and of course, plenty of well-designed litter bins at key sites.

There is no one-size-fits-all litter bin, which is why we have developed a wide range of indoor and outdoor bins suitable for different purposes and locations. Here’s a sample of just some of the litter bins in the Amberol range.

The outdoor recycling collection

The Olympic Bin – one of our best sellers in the outdoor recycling range, this bin has proven an invaluable part of many council’s ‘On the go’ recycling campaigns. With a generous 180 litre capacity, the Olympic is found on some of the UK’s busiest streets. It has two apertures; one for recyclables and one for non-recyclables specifically designed to promote waste separation at source.

The Chatsworth – one of our newest bins, the Chatsworth has a contemporary sleek design – which isn’t surprising as it was developed in collaboration with a street-design architect. The Chatsworth also facilitates dual stream ‘On-the-go’ recycling and has 180 litre capacity.

The Coffee Cup Bin – another newer addition, the Coffee Cup Bin has been specially designed to enable recycling of disposable drink cups. It includes separate sections for cups, lids and liquids.

Banks of bins – using banks of litter bins is a popular option to encourage recycling in places with high footfall, but not all public places have large spaces suitable for banks of bins. The Slim-Bin Recycle collection was developed with these locations in mind, as they are tall and flat backed with a depth of 40cm – yet still offer a useful 100 litre capacity. The bins also have a lockable front door for security and ease of emptying. At the other end of the size spectrum is the Eco-Bin, available in either 180 or 240 litre capacity. Again, these bins are best used in banks where space is in ample supply. They can also be fitted with an internal wheelie bin as an optional extra.

The indoor recycling collection

The indoor range includes a sister version of the Slim-Bin Recycle, known as the Clear-way Slim Bin which as the name suggests, is designed for compact spaces such as corridors and walkways. The Westminster Recycle is circular in shape with a hooded top and inner liner, similar in design to the non-recycling Westminster Bin developed for external spaces.

The wall mounted-collection

Sometimes wall-mounted bins with a smaller capacity are the better option, particularly for areas such as bus stops or places popular with dog walkers.

Dog Waste Bins – available in two standard sizes, these bins keep odours in and have a lockable hinged opening for easy emptying.

Gum and Ciggy Bin – cigarette stubs and chewing gum are some of the most commonly littered items – and very costly to clear up. This bin can be mounted on a wall or post and has an integral cigarette stubber and internal fire retardant liner. The lower part of the bin has a separate aperture for gum.

Screwball Bin – this bin was designed to be vandal proof and also includes a stubber plate.

The non-recycling collection

Amongst others, this includes:

The Ample Binthis bin has a 150 litre capacity with a wide top opening for general rubbish. It is most commonly located at sites with fast food outlets and a high footfall.

The Square Deal Bin – with a classic design and four wide opening apertures to receive litter from any direction, the Square Deal brings a touch of tradition and elegance to its location.

The Floor Standing Enviro Bin – with a smaller, wall-mounted counterpart in the range, the Enviro Bin has a capacity of 90 or 150 litres and is ideal for the demands of busy public spaces such as car parks and picnic areas.

The iconic collection

Many people recognise our distinctive animal litter bins -and we must admit, we do think they are very appealing. Our Bird Bins can be transformed into chicks, penguins and robins – or many other birds of your choice. Like the Bird Bins, our Ambere Litter Bins have a 90 litre capacity. And with the optional extra of a voice box to make your bin speak, they are a great favourite with all ages, and a popular choice for schools, parks and leisure facilities.

Arrange a virtual demonstration

We also offer a personalised virtual demo service for many of our litter bins so you can see them up close and ask any questions that you may have. Call Amberol on 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk to find out more.