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Finalists announced for Britain in Bloom 2022

Finalists announced for Britain in Bloom 2022

At Amberol, we think that every year of the Britain in Bloom competition is exciting, celebrating as it does the hard work and dedication of thousands of volunteers who give their time to improving their communities. However, after a two-year hiatus, the 2022 competition is likely to be a particularly special event.

So, we were interested to see the list of national Britain in Bloom finalists announced recently. The selection of deserving finalists includes 46 community gardening groups, as well as seven Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) who will be looking to impress the judges on their reinstated face-to-face visits this summer.

Celebrating the importance of our environment

With the various challenges faced by people all over the world during the last two years of the pandemic, access to attractive outdoor space has become increasingly important to many people. Many of us have also learned to value our communities even more. Britain in Bloom offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate both these communities and our amazing outdoor spaces.

Britain in Bloom judges frequently commend the use of Amberol’s self-watering planters during their visits as a great way of conserving water. As we reported recently, environmental judging criteria around planet friendly gardening and water conservation have been expanded this year, meaning that the use of self-watering planters is likely to be looked on very favourably as part of good environmental practice.

Celebrating our customers

Once again, many Amberol customers have made the list of national finalists and we offer them, and all the In Bloom groups shortlisted, our sincere congratulations. We know how hard our customers work, so it is great to see that dedication recognised and rewarded.

In fact, over half of the national finalists have Amberol self-watering planters in their area. Unfortunately, there are too many groups to describe in individual detail here, but we are delighted to see so many familiar names, including customers very close to our base in Derbyshire.

Improving our communities

Looking at the social media pages of these busy groups, composed largely of volunteers, makes for an inspiring (and exhausting) read. Amberol customers have been out and about running litter picks, planting trees for the Queen’s Jubilee, hosting open garden events and garden competitions, gaining sponsorship for self-watering planters, creating riverside walkways using lines of trees and even running free In Bloom workshops for local children during the school holidays. And that’s not even taking into account all the weeding, planting and watering that these community-minded people do.

Reduce maintenance, conserve water

One way in which we can help these dedicated groups is by reducing maintenance time and costs through the use of self-watering planters. Because they need watering just once or twice a week, using self-watering planters significantly reduces the time it takes to water displays, particularly through the summer months. Plus, as long as the water reservoir is topped up at least once a week, plants can access moisture and nutrients as and when needed, creating better conditions for growth.

And because we believe so strongly in the Britain in Bloom competition and the amazing difference it makes to our public spaces, we also sponsor regional Britain in Bloom organisations, helping them to spread the word and support their communities.

Everyone’s a winner

We believe that everyone who takes part in Britain in Bloom, whether at regional or national level, is a winner – because they are actively improving their community. And that has to be good for everybody. So good luck to all the worthy competitors from everyone at Amberol.

To find out more about how Amberol’s self-watering planters, litter bins, benches or picnic tables can be used to help improve your community, call 01773 830 930 or email today.

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