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Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with Amberol

Celebrating the Queen’s Jubilee with Amberol

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee is truly a once-in-a-lifetime event. All across the UK, councils, businesses, schools, Britain in Bloom groups, parks and heritage sites are putting plans in place to mark the historic anniversary through the power of plants.

Two of the most notable initiatives include the Queen’s Green Canopy which aims to encourage tree planting across the UK, while the ‘Superbloom’ installation at the Tower of London promises to be an amazing floral spectacle that we can all enjoy.

Flowers in the city

Superbloom is a large wildflower meadow that is currently being planted in the moat of the Tower. The resulting show of flowers will be on show to the public from June to September with paid ticketed entry. People will also be able to view the wildflower moat for free from the public paths around the Tower of London site but will require tickets to enter.

Creating this floral installation is an ambitious task which involves sowing 20 million seeds during the spring months. Alongside marking the Jubilee, it is hoped that the flowers will attract pollinators and create a more biodiverse habitats within the urban space. Visitors can choose to enter the installation via the unusual route of the Superbloom slide or via a more traditional visitor entrance.

The Tower of London moat has a history of diverse uses that reflect the needs of each particular time. The moat was first dug and filled with water in the 13th century for use as a defensive feature. It was then drained and grassed over in the 19th century and used as grazing ground for Victorian livestock. It then became the site for grow your own allotments during the Second World War.

In an era when climate change and the environment is often at the top of the agenda, Superbloom marks the first stage in the installation of a natural landscape with the aim of creating a new habitat for wildlife and pollinators within the UK’s capital city.

Spreading beauty throughout Britain

Although their plans may not be quite so ambitious, many In Bloomers are busy making their environment ready for June’s Jubilee celebrations through planting displays and implementing a range of community schemes from litter picks to beautifying less attractive spots in their area.

Amberol products are playing a part in many of these schemes. Here’s just some of the ways that you can use Amberol products to help mark this historic jubilee.

Go red, white and blue

Many seed companies and horticultural nurseries are promoting red, white and blue plants to create patriotic floral displays. Self-watering planters filled with cascades of red, white and blue flowers are a stunning yet simple way to produce a jubilee-themed display. Using Amberol’s tiered planters can help ensure a display with the wow factor, creating an eye-catching centrepiece.

Similarly, hanging baskets or up the pole baskets can add interest by drawing the eye to different heights. Container-friendly plants such as petunias are easy to source in red, white and blue and produce bright, colourful displays that should last throughout the summer season if grown in self-watering planters. Geraniums are another hardy flower available in Union Jack colours and a popular choice for planters. Other suitable flowering plants include delicate blue lobelia and verbena which are also great for attracting pollinators.

A regal choice

Displays can also include royal choices such as fragrant Lily of the Valley, believed to be the Queen’s favourite. This delicate white flower, which formed part of the Queen’s Coronation bouquet, can be successfully grown in containers. The planter’s size helps to restrict the lily’s spread as it can grow quite aggressively, overtaking other plants. Lilies of the Valley also have long roots so it’s important to ensure that the container has ample space, something which Amberol factor into all of their planters to ensure room for healthy root growth.

A sense of history

Using planters from Amberol’s Heritage range is also an effective way of ensuring that your floral displays have a regal appearance. Amberol’s wood effect barrels are a popular choice, while the stone effect troughs are a great way of bringing a touch of class and an historical feel to a display, particularly when planted up with beautiful red, white and blue blooms.

Keep it clean

The Jubilee will involve many celebrations in public spaces across the UK, which inevitably means litter. It’s important to ensure that you have ample litter bins located in places where parties and gatherings are likely to take place. Similarly, all the hard work around creating floral displays can be undone by unsightly litter, so any public space needs to be well equipped with bins that are fit for purpose. These include recycling bins, as well as bins that are designed to deter vandalism with sufficient capacity to cope with the amount of litter that the public can generate in areas with high footfall.

Make it memorable

Amberol offer customisation of self-watering planters and litter bins through the use of colour, logos and signage. To celebrate the Jubilee year, we are offering customers the option of having the official purple and white Jubilee logo placed on their products to act as a reminder of this historic year. We think it’s a small but effective way to enhance your displays and litter bins as part of the festivities.

To find out more about how any of Amberol’s products can help enhance your Jubilee celebrations, call 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk.

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