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Looking for something different to give someone this Christmas?

Looking for something different to give someone this Christmas?

The launch of our first ever online shop designed for non-commercial customers means that people can now buy Amberol self-watering planters for friends and family – or just for themselves. So, if you know someone who is a keen gardener or eager to spruce up a courtyard, railing or front or back garden, one of Amberol’s planters could be the answer to any present dilemma.

With the online shop up and running for customers looking to order between one and five of any specific design, ordering is easy. We do carry small numbers of popular items in stock, but as we manufacture to order, delivery times can vary and are currently around 5-7 days.

However, if you need delivery in time for the festive season, our advice would be to order sooner rather than to make sure. The latest cut-off date for Christmas delivery is Tuesday 14th December, but the more notice you are able to give us, the better.

This is because we need to factor in the supply chain issues that are currently affecting suppliers, manufacturers and retailers across the UK to ensure that you get your order in time for the big day.

All I want for Christmas…..

Although our planters have traditionally been used by commercial customers such as councils, Britain in Bloom groups, businesses and educational establishments, many of our self-watering planters are also ideal for homes and gardens. The online shop stocks our most popular lines and currently includes:

  • Cup and saucer hanging baskets
  • Wicker hanging baskets
  • Various barrier and window boxes
  • Hanging baskets are available in different styles, hanging baskets lift any house frontage with a burst of colour and can be used to frame doorways or transform dowdy wall spaces.
  • Barrier boxes can be attached to railings to brighten boundary fences as well as placed on window ledges for an instant floral makeover.
  • Barrel planters come in different sizes making them a great choice for larger spaces as well for smaller corners or nooks. They look so authentic that even up close it’s hard to believe that they aren’t actually made of wood.
  • Just over a metre long, our stone effect trough adds a classic twist to any space. Moulded from a genuine historic stone trough, this attractive planter looks every bit as good as the original – at a fraction of the weight and cost.

How do self-watering planters maximise growth?

All Amberol planters balance a large water reservoir with a generous space for good root growth – the key to a healthy plant. Amberol’s trademarked Aquafeed™ system was developed by company founders Jack Williamson and Phil Atkinson. The watering system consists of a series of high capacity wicks that ‘suck’ up the water from the reservoir. Moisture is then distributed via dispersal matting, ensuring that plants access moisture as required to ensure optimal growth. This means that the planters need to be topped up with water just once or twice a week at most. Double walled insulation also reduces evaporation in the summer and keeps plants warmer in the winter.

Thinking of the environment?

Prices shown on the online shop are inclusive of VAT with shipping calculated at checkout. Please note that we currently ship within the UK only. All Amberol’s products are made from recycled or recyclable polyethylene, making them an environmentally responsible choice. 

Click here to access our online shop and to buy in time for Christmas.