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Westminster affirms commitment to the environment with electric vehicles

Westminster affirms commitment to the environment with electric vehicles

One of our aims at Amberol is to manufacture products that help enhance environmental. It’s one of the reasons why all our self-watering planters and litter bins are made from materials that have either already been recycled, or which are recyclable at the end of their long shelf life.

In the area of litter collection, we have long been committed to the promotion of recycling. That’s why we were interested to read about the ecological actions of one of our largest litter bin customers recently.

Adding to Westminster’s green credentials

The streets of Westminster are already populated by hundreds of Amberol’s Olympic Dual Recycling Bins to help improve recycling rates across the region. The city council has now taken another step forward in its commitment to implementing environmentally friendly practices in the form of an investment in a fleet of 60 new and upcycled electric vehicles.

The new vehicles were showcased in London recently ahead of the council’s roll out over the next year. The fleet includes e-trikes for litter picking, electric refuse collection vehicles and e-sweepers, making the fleet one of the largest operated by a street cleaning contractor in any UK local authority. In fact, street cleansing in the West End is now fully electric, with the electric vehicles reducing CO2 emissions by almost 90% when compared to diesel vehicles. Additional advantages of using electric vehicles include a significant improvement in air quality, which is a major issue in the capital, as well as reducing noise pollution.

Councillor James Spencer, Westminster’s cabinet member for city management, commented: “This is the future. We have an ambitious target to hit net zero by 2040 and an electric waste fleet is incredibly important to that.”

Meanwhile, the leader of Westminster City Council Rachael Robathan highlighted the improvement in air quality saying: “Air quality is one of the most important issues for our residents, and the move to all-electric vehicle fleets is a key step towards our commitment to be carbon zero by 2040.

“This collection of state-of-the-art electric vehicles will transform the way we clean our streets and collect waste and recycling across Westminster. Cleaning in the West End is now fully electric, and the rest of the City soon will be as we roll out more electric vehicles over the next 12 months.”

Westminster City Council represent around a quarter of a million residents in one of the busiest urban areas of the UK. It’s also one of the most popular tourist destinations housing some of Britain’s most iconic landmarks and buildings, from the Houses of Parliament to the bustling shops of Oxford Street. Effective litter collection and street cleansing are crucial in ensuring that the region is attractive to visitors as well as residents.

By placing Amberol’s Olympic Dual Recycling Bins in tourist hotspots, the council has been able to improve rates in on-the-go recycling, which still lags behind household recycling rates in many parts of the UK.

The Olympic Dual Bin was developed in 2010 to support Westminster’s On the Go recycling initiative and was named for the 2012 London Olympics. The bin has a combined waste and recycling capacity of 180 litres and includes two stubber plates and ash collectors to help on street smokers to dispose of cigarette ends. Although small items of litter, cigarette butts are a significant problem in keeping the streets clean and so the inclusion of the plates is an important part of litter management.

“Amberol’s bins may be slightly less impressive than a fleet of electric street cleaning vehicles, but they still play an essential role in keeping the streets clean and in Westminster Council’s environmental commitment,” comments Amberol’s MD Patience Atkinson-Gregory. “We are delighted to see local authorities across the UK looking for a range of ways to meet recycling and environmental targets.”

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