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Prepare for summer planting with Amberol’s self-watering planters

Prepare for summer planting with Amberol’s self-watering planters

Hopefully we are all starting to feel a sense of optimism in the air. March always seems to be a month of hope and promise as the days lengthen and the sun makes an increasingly frequent appearance.

This year, more than ever, spring is to be welcomed, bringing with it an easing of the tough Covid restrictions that we have all endured during the winter months. So, with the weather turning warmer and much of society and the economy slowly opening up, Britain in Bloomers are likely to be out in force, preparing for the 2021 annual Britain in Bloom competition.

With social distancing likely to be necessary for some time to come, Amberol’s self-watering planters have proved particularly popular as they reduce the need for maintenance visits – and therefore the need for unnecessary journeys and mixing with others. So, what self-watering planters are there, and which one is right for your purpose?

When big is beautiful

Our range of large floor standing planters is perfect for making a statement. If you are looking for a centrepiece for a town square or large open space, tiered containers such as our Precinct Fountain Planter or Amphora Precinct Planter can look stunning when planted up with summer bedding plants as well as perennials which will grow well in Amberol’s self-watering planters due to the depth of the planter which allows for the healthy root grow so important in perennials. As a general rule, it’s good to have ‘thriller, filler, and spiller’ plants as part of your planting combination - a handy way to remember the three types of plants essential to good floral design.

Celebrating traditions

Amberol’s heritage range of planters is always popular. Our Barrel Planters are one of our best sellers and after listening to our customers feedback, we have introduced different sizes to ensure that they can be used in different sized spaces. These include the Two Tiered Barrel Planter and Half Barrel Planters, in addition to the standard 86cm diameter version and the original (and best-selling) 63cm diameter planter.

Another addition to the heritage range is the Stone Trough which is moulded from a genuine stone trough to ensure authenticity and durability at a fraction of the weight. Both the barrels and the troughs bring a new visual dimension to floral displays and are also very popular at historic sites.

Look up

One of the keys to creating an interesting floral display is variety. Using different styles of planters combined with flower beds can work quite well, as does having planters located at different levels, not just at ground level. Amberol’s self-watering Barrier Baskets and window boxes can create stunning floral banks at mid-level height while Self-Watering Hanging baskets and Up the Pole Baskets take the eye higher up to above head height. Smaller containers are generally considered harder to maintain, but with generous water reservoirs built in under the soil, Amberol’s self-watering planters are easy to maintain and need be watered only once or twice a week even in the warmest weather. This makes them a great choice over traditional small planters that can dry up quickly in the summertime.

Think in colour not just black and white

Of course, the planters themselves are part of the display even if they aren’t the star of the show. Black remains a popular choice for planters as well as being a great environmentally friendly option as they are made from recycled materials. However, Amberol also offer a range of 18 standard colours from Navy Blue to Fuschia to Burnt Orange, so it’s possible to be a little experimental sometimes when ordering planters. Choosing a brighter colour can radically transform a floral display and lift it to another level of vibrancy.

So, as you plan and plant your displays for this summer, take step back and think a little outside the box to create some stunning scenes for 2021.

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