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What do our customers really think of Amberol?

What do our customers really think of Amberol?

The Amberol customer survey is an annual event of much significance in the company’s calendar, providing invaluable feedback about what we are doing right for our customers – and most importantly, what we could do better.

A chance to pause and reflect

“Offering high levels of customer service drives much of what we do as a company,” comments Amberol’s MD Patience Atkinson-Gregory. “So, we always take time to read and reflect extensively on the results of the customer survey. And of course, 2020 was a particularly difficult year for both the company and our customers.”

The survey is comprised of a rating system to assess a range of areas from the quality of the website, to customer service, to product satisfaction and quality. The survey also includes a comments section where individuals can offer direct and highly useful feedback. We would like to share a few of this year’s comments with you.

  • “We love our Amberol stone troughs, barrels and hanging baskets. Our plants have never been so contented!”
  • “More than satisfied with the customer care and support during purchase. The quality of the products is outstanding, and we will have no hesitation in making further purchases.”
  • “The planters do greatly improve the planting displays. Particularly like the barrel planters which until you look closely, look like wood, and most people think that they are.”

A sign of hope and cheer in a time of need

This year, some comments have also acknowledged how difficult the previous ten months have been, highlighting the increased importance of vibrant floral displays to cheer us all up in a time of need:

  • “Bury St Edmunds has Amberol baskets and containers all around our town. Every time they are replanted and go back up it brightens our town and lifts people’s spirits, especially in these difficult times. Feeling down, you can just go into town and the planters give you inspiration and joy and you realise they are part of a normality that we will eventually see again. The best thing we have ever purchased.”

Offering value for money by standing the test of time

Other comments refer to the durability of Amberol’s products, which as the original developer and manufacturer of the self-watering planter, and the only company to use the trademarked Aquafeed™ matting, we are particularly pleased by. We aim to offer value for money by making high quality products with significant longevity.

  • “Your products are very professional, well made and robust. They stand the test of time and still look good. Self-watering is the way forward.”
  • “We have bought many items from yourselves. They have been of excellent quality and durability.”

The power of recommendation

We find that many people also refer to the fact that they often recommend Amberol products to other organisations.

  • “I’ve already referred you to another community who purchased over 20 planters for their village. I think your planters are the best.”
  • “We have often been asked about the products we use and I have been pleased to pass on your details to our neighbouring village’s community groups.”
  • “…the online response is good. I always welcome the face to face contact at In Bloom events though. As a judge, I continually recommend your products to the communities that I visit.” 

And of course, there were also useful suggestions for ways in which we could tweak and improve what we do, which is just as helpful and valuable as all the compliments that we have received. We look forward to working together with our customers both old and new during 2021.

With over 50 years’ experience working with councils, businesses, educational establishments, transport hubs and Britain in Bloom groups. Our self-watering planters, planterware and litter bins are used all over the world to help make a visible difference.

For more information, if you have a query, or would like to offer some feedback about Amberol’s products and services, please call 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk for a no-obligation chat.

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