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The Great British September Clean kicks off

The Great British September Clean kicks off

The emergence of Covid-19 has halted many important community events across the UK during 2020, including the annual Britain in Bloom national and regional competitions. However, we are delighted to see that one of the nationwide initiatives that we wholeheartedly support is up and running this month.

The Great British Spring Clean was due to take place from 20th March to 13th April but was postponed due to lockdown. Renamed the Great British September Clean, the event is now running from Friday 11th September to Sunday 27th September, with clear guidelines in place to ensure social distancing and adherence to health and safety measures around Covid-19. And of course, groups cannot be larger than six in accordance with government legislation around the rule of six.

Making your litter pick Covid-safe

Run by charity Keep Britain Tidy, participants are setting up and joining litter picks across the country. Anyone taking part is expected to comply with the guidelines, which include keeping litter picking groups to a maximum of six people who should observe social distancing and use thick gloves and litter pickers if possible. People are also being asked to take the rubbish they pick up home, so should only collect what they can store in their litter bin at home.

The impact of litter in the rural community

One high profile supporter of the campaign is the Countryside Alliance which has urged its 100,000 members to join in the litter-picking activity, pledging to collect at least 10,000 pieces of rubbish.

Countryside Alliance chief executive Tim Bonner commented on the impact of litter during lockdown on the rural landscape: “With the lockdown offering people the opportunity to have a clear-out, fly-tipping and littering in the countryside became one of the many negative side-effects of the pandemic, particularly when local waste recycling centres were shut. This is simply unacceptable and has proven to be a massive blight for many rural communities.”

As part of the Great British Spring Clean, the Countryside Alliance are also holding a Countryside Clean-up weekend during the weekend of 19th to 20th September.

The problem with litter on-the-go

“It’s great to see community initiatives such as the Great British September Clean going ahead,” comments Amberol’s MD Patience Atkinson-Gregory. “It has been sad to see the rise in littering in areas of the UK during the restrictions imposed around Covid-19 over the last few months. At a time when many councils and local authorities have had additional pressures to deal with, the litter issue has been challenging for them. It seems that littering on-the-go has been a particular problem in some public spaces.”

As manufacturers of a range of litter bins, including indoor and outdoor recycling bins, the team at Amberol is familiar with the problems created by littering on the go.

“Different locations require different types of bin which is why we have a wide range of litter bins, including large capacity bins, slim fit bins and banks of bins. This way, the type of bin can be matched to the specific need of a particular location. Choosing the right bin that is fit for purpose can make a really significant difference to the amount of rubbish deposited,” Patience adds.

To find a litter pick near your area, visit the Great British September Clean website.

For more information about Amberol’s range of litter bins, call 01773 830 930 or email

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