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Are you sitting comfortably?

Are you sitting comfortably?

Many of us have come to value outdoor places, public parks and green spaces all the more following the lockdown caused by Covid-19. One of the rare but very real benefits of the restrictions has been the rise in the number of people out and about, making the most of the great outdoors. Whether living in a city or a small village, daily exercise proved to be a highlight for many people during the weeks of confinement.

Now that public gardens, National Trust properties, parks and play areas are open or opening in the very near future, it raises questions around ensuring that these environments are safe and comfortable places to spend time.

Meeting the demand for outdoor seating

An important part of this is ensuring that these locations have adequate and robust seating. Furthermore, with people urged to mix with other households outside where possible to reduce the risk of Covid infection, the demand for seating and outdoor furniture such as picnic tables is likely to be high this summer.

Amberol’s range of benches and picnic tables are perfect for a wide range of outdoor spaces from high streets to nature trails to parks and playgrounds. Not only are they sturdy and robust, the Amberol range of picnic tables and benches is made from 100% recycled plastic, making them a great responsible environmental choice.

How can plastic be an eco-friendly choice?

It all depends on the kind of plastic that you use. All of Amberol’s benches and tables are made from black recycled polythene waste which is manufactured by British Polythene Industries (BPI) - the largest recycler of polythene in Europe. So, you can be sure that any Amberol product is ethically produced and environmentally friendly.

A smoother, cleaner choice

Because they are made from durable recycled materials rather than the traditional wooden favoured for seating and tables, Amberol’s park furniture doesn’t splinter or crack. Its smooth surface makes the benches and tables easier to wipe down than cracked furniture with crevices where germs are more likely to be found. It also repels insect attacks and infestation.

Amberol furniture Recycled picnic table

Other reasons to opt for Amberol’s park furniture include:

  • Graffiti resistant surface which makes the furniture more difficult to vandalise
  • Doesn’t require painting or varnishing, reducing both the demands and cost of maintenance.

The Amberol range includes backless benches such as sports benches as well as benches with backs. All benches come with metal or plastic legs making them versatile and suitable for most locations.

Eating al fresco

Picnics are likely to be a popular pastime this summer, particularly now the school holidays are properly upon us. Amberol’s range of picnic tables come in different sizes and styles including:

  • The Adult Picnic Table
  • The Junior Picnic Table
  • The Game Picnic table which has a chequer board top for games making it a great addition to the playground or park
  • the Flexi Picnic Table which includes an ample space for wheelchair users

So, if you want to make sure that your outdoor space is well equipped and ready to receive visitors this summer, Amberol can help.

For more information about the range of Amberol benches and picnic tables, visit the website, email or call 01773 830 930.

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