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A message for our friends

A message for our friends

So often we start a letter or email with the words ‘I hope this finds you well’, but right now the team at Amberol could not write those words with more feeling, for you and yours.

The CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) situation is of course hugely worrying – we all have friends and family members that fall into the category of vulnerable, we are worried about our jobs, our children’s education, life has turned upside down. So, my first message to you is one of love and support in very challenging times. We can get through this, and if you feel overwhelmed you are definitely not on your own.

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I also want to share how sorry I am for the inevitable cancellations of work by the amazing volunteer-run groups we feel so closely involved in - like Britain in Bloom, Tidy Towns, Keep Scotland Beautiful. We know how people pour their hearts and souls into making their communities shine, and we could not be more saddened that this has happened. But, of course, cancellation is the right thing to do, which brings me to how we are tackling this temporary situation at Amberol.

To look after our staffs’ health, slow the spread of this virus and help our fantastic NHS cope with the situation, we have had to take the unprecedented decision to temporarily close our factory and external services for the first time in over 50 years of business. This will mean that unfortunately we cannot fulfil your order at this point in time nor make any visits to you.

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But, thanks to outstanding efforts by all those staff, a team is now working remotely, from home, and we have set up systems so that your phone calls and emails will still reach us. Please carry on as normal when it comes to enquiries, using 01773 830 930, e-mail: sales@amberol.co.uk and of course the website.

We are now looking for good news stories to share in social media (some of you may have noticed this change of focus already), to uplift all our spirits. If you have a story like this, please share it with us so we can pass it on.

Also, when necessary, we will offer the best practical advice we can find, to help you, your families and your communities. We can see this all bringing out the best in people.

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You can find us on our social media platforms linked below or you can join our special 'Buzz in Bloom' Facebook group here if you're in one of those volunteer groups.

I very much hope I will be writing again soon to say our factory is back to work, and our products are being appreciated again, full of flowers (or rubbish if it's a bin!) in streets that are full of people!

Until then, all the best to you and yours,
Patience Atkinson-Gregory, Amberol MD