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Calling all In Bloomers, gardeners and councils - last free tips booklets up for grabs

Calling all In Bloomers, gardeners and councils - last free tips booklets up for grabs

It’s not often that something is offered for free with absolutely no catch. But that is what we are offering here at Amberol.

Over the last few years, we have produced a range of free guides containing handy advice on a range of topics around keeping Britain tidy, blooming and beautiful. It’s our way of saying thank you to customers and helping communities make a visible difference.

These guides have been available free on request from Amberol. Stocks are now running low, so if you haven’t applied for one of our free booklets, now could be your last chance. All you have to do is email sales@amberol.co.uk, contact us via our website or call 01773 830 930 and request the guide that you would like – or all three!

The three booklets available are:

  • How to excel at Britain in Bloom
  • The Amberol guide to container gardening
  • Top tips for securing sponsorship for planters and bins

How to excel at Britain in Bloom

With a foreword from East Midlands in Bloom and dedicated to the late John Williamson one of Amberol’s directors and son of co-founder Jack Williamson, this guide contains 50 top tips to help entrants succeed in Britain in Bloom. Probably most useful for those who are fairly new to the Britain in Bloom competition, it’s also worth reading for the tips it contains around planning, getting media coverage, horticultural achievement and involving the community. The guide also looks at the judging criteria (NB there have been some recent changes to the judges’ mark scheme and weighting which are not included in this version) as well as looking at areas of environmental policy, including issues such as litter and recycling. All in all, well worth a read even if it’s just a useful checklist or reminder.

The Amberol guide to container gardening

Having manufactured self-watering planters for several decades, we have seen for ourselves the imagination and inventiveness of our customers when using self-watering containers to create stunning floral displays.

However, there is a perception that using planters can be difficult due to the need for regular watering. Of course, with our Aquafeed™ technology, Amberol planters are well known for needing watering just once a week – or occasionally twice during extremely hot conditions. This saves time as well as conserving water – two important considerations when entering Britain in Bloom or just when planting and caring for flowers and edible plants.

This guide explains how to use containers to maximise the use of space and growth of whatever you are planting. The booklet contains advice on how to get started and looks at the pros and cons of different kinds of planters. It also offers suggestions around what to plant with tips on maintenance and finding the right location for your self-watering planters.

Top tips for securing sponsorship for planters and bins

Keeping Britain blooming, clean and tidy is an investment – inevitably, even when volunteers are involved, materials and equipment cost money. However, many of our customers help fund their investment through sponsorship from local commercial organisations. Many businesses realise that it makes economic sense to improve their environment; that it can help attract visitors, customers and staff as well as enhancing a general sense of community responsibility and wellbeing.

This guide offers a range of tips for attracting sponsorship with real life examples and advice from Amberol customers on attracting sponsorship. The guide looks at how to approach organisations and how to ensure that sponsorship has benefits for both parties.

If you would like a free copy of any or all of these guides while stocks last, just email sales@amberol.co.uk specifying your choice and including your mailing details, contact us via the website or call 01773 830 930.

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