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Join the war against litter with the Great British Spring Clean

Join the war against litter with the Great British Spring Clean

With the Great British Spring Clean 2020 officially launched in January, momentum for the annual initiative is starting to build. This year’s event runs from 20th March to 13th April and the aim is to make the 2020 campaign even bigger and better. In 2019, over half a million volunteers were involved in everything from litter picks to individual litter pledges. This year the campaign’s target is to involve at least 600,000 people.

What is the Great British Spring Clean all about?

The Great British Spring Clean is the UK’s largest mass action environmental campaign. Schools, businesses, community groups, councils and individuals all get involved in the campaign which aims to ensure cleaner streets, parks and beaches, as well as protecting wildlife which can be harmed by litter. The campaign also involves cleaning up beaches and identifies single use plastic as a source of damage for much marine life. For example, in 2018 the RSPCA recorded in excess of 7,000 incidents in which animals were injured by litter, while an estimated 80% of the litter found in our oceans comes from the land.

How can you get involved in fighting litter?

You can get involved in a range of ways. It’s easy to sign up on the Keep Britain Tidy website to host a Spring Clean event or you might prefer to join one that has already been organised. Individuals can also pledge spend a certain amount of time picking up litter when out and about. As well as reducing the amount of litter on our streets, beaches and countryside, the campaign aims to raise general awareness of the problems caused by littering.

Organised by Keep Britain Tidy, this is the sixth year that the Great British Spring Clean has run. With each successive year, the level of support has risen, with the event now extended from a weekend litter pick to lasting over four weekends.

Celebrating achievement

2020 is also significant for marking the introduction of an awards ceremony at the Great British Spring Clean celebration event for the very first time. Award categories include:

  • Most bags collected during the campaign period
  • Outstanding contribution to the Great British Spring Clean
  • Most creative social media content.
  • Best team effort
  • Most unique clean-up

Details about how to enter can be found on the great British Spring Clean website.

The price that we pay for litter

“Litter is a big problem for many local authorities and keeping public places clean and tidy accounts for a significant portion of their budgets,” comments Amberol’s MD Patience Atkinson-Gregory. “Unfortunately, it seems that litter also attracts more litter. If allowed to build, it can create problems for the local economy and erode community spirit. As manufacturers of a range of litter bins, including recycling bins, internal and external bins, we are fully behind this important initiative and have been delighted to see it grow in popularity and influence over the years.”

So, what does Patience think is the answer to the littering problem? “There’s no one-size-fits-all solution,” she explains. “However, I think it’s important to focus on three key factors: raising awareness through education and campaigns such as this; government support and enforcement through fining those who litter on the streets and providing ample facilities that are well located and signed so people know where to dispose of their litter.”

The right bin in the right pace at the right time

Good bin design is a crucial part of successful litter collection which is why Amberol supply a range of different sizes, shapes and designs so there is a bin suitable for every purpose. And, conscious of the importance of reducing single use plastic, all Amberol bins are made from robust recyclable polyethylene. Available in a wide range of colours with bespoke WRAP approved signage, Amberol bins can be customised to really stand out.

For more information about Amberol’s products or to arrange a no-obligation demonstration from an Amberol representative, email sales@amberol.co.uk or call 01773 830 930.

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