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Product in the spotlight – Up the Pole Baskets

Product in the spotlight – Up the Pole Baskets

When we think of floral displays, we tend to think of flower-filled containers placed on the ground. However, by using planters at different levels, including self-watering hanging baskets and Up-the-Pole planters, it’s possible to create a really stunning street scene - as shown here in a photo taken at Gravesend for the Amberol annual photo competition courtesy of Graham Long.

Amberol’s range of Up-the-Pole planters

Amberol has four different styles of Up-the Pole self-watering planters designed to suit any location. 

Half Unit Up-the-Pole Basket – this style comes in two sizes: 59cm diameter or 80cm diameter, both with a depth of 27cm. The smaller basket has a compost capacity of 12 litres and a water capacity of 5 litres. If you are looking to make an impact with a larger half basket, this has a compost capacity of 25 litres and a water capacity of 14 litres.

Up-the-Pole Basket - available in three sizes, with a maximum diameter of 80cm and a minimum of 47cm, these baskets hold up to 52 litres of compost and 26 litres of water.  

Cup and Saucer Up-the-Pole Basket – always a popular choice due to its distinctive cup and saucer shape, this basket has a depth of 30cm and a diameter of 65cm.

New Shape Up-the-Pole Basket – as the name suggests, this is the most recent addition to the range in the cup and saucer shape and is available in three different sizes. It is also includes the largest basket in the range with a maximum diameter of 82cm and a water capacity of 27 litres.

Handy planting tip

Fill the basket or liner with moist compost (and slow release fertiliser if desired) before planting up as required. Plant up densely for best results. Only fill the water reservoir once the basket has been secured to its post. 

Easy to install self-watering planters at different heights

Safety is obviously an important issue for planters placed in high-up locations and so all our Up-the-Pole baskets have been designed to be easy to mount. With coated brackets, they can be safely secured onto poles, lampposts and signposts or bollards. Banding and jubilee clips for fixing brackets to posts are not included as standard, but can be purchased as accessories.

In addition, thanks to their inbuilt water reservoir, Amberol’s self-watering Up-the-Pole baskets don’t drip onto anybody standing below – a particularly handy feature for planters placed above eye level!

Your Up-the-Pole planters the way you want them

Like all Amberol planters and litter bins, Up-the-Pole self-watering planters are available in a range of colours and can be customised with logos and signage if required. 

Up-the-Pole baskets are often used by councils and BIDs (Business Improvement Districts) to make high streets as well as retail and commercial areas more attractive to visitors, recognising that floral displays can help boost the local economy by encouraging shoppers and visitors to areas that are planted up and well landscaped. Up-the-Pole planters and hanging baskets are particularly effective ways to immediately enhance shop frontages and public spaces. As they are less easy to reach, the self-watering element of these styles of planters is particularly helpful in reducing maintence demands.

For more information about any of Amberol’s range of self-watering planters, litter bins, planterware or seating, call 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk. Our reps can also arrange a no-obligation demonstration so you can see for yourself how easy our Up-the-Pole baskets are to attach and plant up. 

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