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Keeping our public spaces tidy in 2019

Keeping our public spaces tidy in 2019

The dropping and non-segregation of litter on the streets of the UK continues to be an expensive problem for many councils. John Read, the founder of Clean Up Britain recently highlighted the problem of cash-strapped councils being forced to waste millions on clearing up litter. He said, “Councils are currently spending £800 million a year on clearing up litter, including £200, 000 spent by Warwick District Council, which is an obscene amount of wasted money when most councils are semi-bankrupt.”

Mr Read was speaking in connection with the Clean Up Britain ‘Now or Never’ campaign which was launched earlier this year in Leamington Spa. The campaign makes use of hard-hitting images to show how animals are harmed by the litter that is discarded in the UK. 

Through our work supplying a wide range of indoor and outdoor bins across the country, we know that there is plenty that all of us can do to reduce the amount of litter that blights our public spaces. 

Stubbing out the cigarette butt problem 

It has always been socially unacceptable to drop litter; however some smokers who would never dream of dropping a crisp bag in the street think nothing of throwing their cigarette butt onto the pavement. Indeed, recent research for Keep Britain Tidy’s #BinTheButt campaign found that 11% of smokers do not even consider cigarette butts to be litter. 

Keep Britain also found the following: 

  • 39% of smokers admitted to throwing a cigarette butt down a drain in the past month. 
  • Only 38% of smokers knew that cigarettes contain plastic. 
  • 22% of people thought dropping a cigarette butt down a drain was acceptable, a number that rose to 52% of people who smoke every day. 

Cigarette filters dropped down drains end up in the sea, where the chemical ingredients within them including nicotine, lead and arsenic are hugely damaging to marine life. Research shows that just one cigarette end per litre of water is extremely toxic to fish. 

Amberol’s gum & ciggy bin, available in four colours in order to seamlessly blend in with most surroundings, is designed to effectively tackle the perennial problems of chewing gum and cigarette litter. Although smoking is thankfully in decline in the UK, the smoking ban of 2007 means that those who do smoke are forced to do so outside when they are in public places. Our discreet wall-mounted bin incorporates a cigarette stubber and a fire retardant liner for the safe disposal of cigarette filters. 

Clearing up after your dog 

The vast majority of dog owners are responsible, with only a tiny minority causing a problem for the wider public and giving a bad name to the dog-owning community as a whole. However, despite their commitment to disposing of dog waste responsibly, many dog owners complain that they struggle to find a dog waste bin when they are out and about with their pet. 

Amberol’s dog waste bin, available in three sizes, is designed to keep unpleasant odours in and insects out. Not only that, the lockable hinged opening means the inner liner can be emptied quickly and easily. 

Making pathways safe in icy weather 

Playgrounds, pathways and driveways can become hazardous in the cold months when they freeze over and present a risk of people slipping and falling, particularly in areas which children and the elderly need  to use regularly.  Amberol’s grit bin and new grit box are ideal for conveniently storing grit. The grit box’s square yet slim line shape is perfect for narrow pathways and for storage along low walls, making for a practical design for a box that although necessary, is not used nearly as often as other bins. 

Teaching children to take responsibility for their litter

The default litter disposal method of most small children who have been taught that dropping rubbish is naughty is to hand their sweet packet or apple core to the nearest adult. However, it’s important for children to learn to dispose of items they are finished with by themselves. Throwing litter in the bin will never be the most exciting of activities, which is why Amberol designed a range of fun educational bins in the shape of a bird or Ambere the Bear. Not only are these bins fun for little eyes to look at, the optional recording box means schools and other childcare settings can record a personalised message to affirm good behaviour every time the bin is used. 

Bins for all needs and spaces 

For more information on our attractive, durable range of indoor and outdoor bins including recycling bins, please call us on 01773 830930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk

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