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A new dog waste bin for a busy animal centre

A new dog waste bin for a busy animal centre

We like to support good causes where we can, so we were pleased to be able to donate one of our specially designed dog waste bins to Block Fen Animal Centre earlier this year. 

This  RSPCA centre in Wimblington, Cambridgeshire looks after around 150 animals at any given time including dogs, cats, rabbits and other domestic animals who need rehoming often after neglect or even abuse at the hands of their previous owners. 

Donating a dog waste bin 

We were delighted when Block Fen posted a picture on social media of Cassie, a lovely German Shepherd who was the first resident of Block Fen to make use of the new bin. As is the case in all animal rescue centres, we are aware of all the hard work that goes into looking after vulnerable animals who need rehoming, so the fact that our dog waste bin is making a difference at Block Fen is very good news indeed. 

Improving the environment with dog waste bins 

Like our ash, gum and grit bins, our dog waste bins have been specially designed to provide a very specific function aimed at improving the cleanliness and safety of our public places. 

Although the vast majority of dog owners are responsible about disposing of their pet’s waste and on-the-spot fines of between £50 and £80 can be issued to those who don’t clear up their dog’s waste, a small minority of dog owners continue to cause problems in our parks, streets and other public places. Cash-strapped councils are not always able to provide adequate numbers of dog waste bins, which has led to the phenomenon of some dog owners protesting by tying bags of waste to trees and fences – something which is also an offence as it is clearly not a safe or appropriate method of disposal and has caused problems for farmers whose livestock have become ill or even died through eating it. 

Choose a dog waste bin that’s right for you 

Our dog waste bins are available in two different sizes and are designed to keep unpleasant odours safely inside and insects out of the interior. The moulded dog graphic clearly labels what the bin is to be used for and the permanent flap ensures hygienic disposal of waste for all users into the future. The bins are available in black, red, yellow and aqua with colour samples available prior to ordering so that you can find the best option to complement your surroundings as you provide this vital service for the environment you are responsible for maintaining. 

A bin for every need 

Amberol’s wide range of attractive and functional indoor and outdoor bins are designed for a wide range of uses including recycling on the go, disposing of general waste and dealing with potentially problematical substances including dog waste, cigarette ends and ash and chewing gum. To find out more about our bins for all spaces and uses please call us on 01773 830930 or email