Amberol explain what the anti-littering strategy means for councils

Amberol explain what the anti-littering strategy means for councils

Having manufactured and supplied litter bins of all shapes, sizes and colours to local authorities, theme parks, schools and universities and businesses for over 40 years, Amberol are always keen to support any initiatives that reduce the blight of litter.

So, when we learned that the government were introducing the first ever national strategy to tackle litter in England, we were keen to find out more about how it could help our customers.

To summarise, the new National Litter Strategy aims to tackle the issue by addressing three key themes: education, enforcement and infrastructure. The common aim of all three areas is to change the behaviour of those who deem it acceptable to drop litter. If you want to find out more about this important issue, you can read all about our views on the impact of the National Litter Strategy in this article that we had published recently on PublicNet, a website for those involved in public sector management. 

Why it’s important to tackle litter 

The statistics around littering are truly alarming: 

  • An estimated 62% of people in England drop litter
  • According to Keep Britain Tidy it costs £800 million  each year to deal with litter
  • Over 2 million items of litter are discarded on our streets, beaches and landscape every day
  • 60% of litter dropped on the streets is recyclable
  • Cleaning up chewing gum from the streets costs the typical town centre £60,000 a year
  • An estimated 122 tons of cigarette butts, matches and tobacco packaging are littered every day across the UK.

The right litter bin for the right location

At Amberol, we believe that just investing in litter bins isn’t enough. They need to be right for their specific purpose and location.  For example, our range of outdoor recycling bins include slim recycle bins which are best used in banks of four or five at visitor centres or fitness centres. Our popular Olympic Dual Bin is larger and can stand alone on a busy city street and still attract attention with its WRAP approved signage. It also has two apertures for separation of recyclable litter at source as well as a cigarette stubber and an 180 litre capacity.  Our indoor and outdoor bins range from the large Ample Bin with a hinged swing lid, to the more compact Screwball Bin which can be mounted on walls and posts.

In fact, whatever your litter bin needs, Amberol has the right bin for you. We can help you ensure that you are meeting the requirements of the National Litter Strategy. Email or call 01773 830 930 for more information.

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