What to do after you’ve received sponsorship money

What to do after you’ve received sponsorship money

Congratulations, you’ve been able to convince a local business to provide financial support and get involved in your community project. The investment will help you to fund materials that will help to improve the local environment.

However, the work doesn’t end once the organisation has parted with their money.  Firstly, many businesses will be interested in the after-effects and what was achieved as a result of their sponsorship. Secondly, sponsorship isn’t limited to just the one business and there will be other organisations for you to demonstrate the benefits to.

Sponsorship should be mutually beneficial and you need to ensure that you fulfil your duties to the sponsor and make use of the partnership to attract more sponsors. Here are some ways of attracting others and providing the best return for sponsors.


Sponsors will appreciate a thank you and acknowledgement of their support.  It could be something tangible, for example, a plaque on a planter and a certificate for them to hang up for customers to see or you could dedicate a page on your website to sponsors and write a simple thank you message on your group’s social media pages.

Press coverage

Businesses will generally sponsor as an opportunity to get some publicity in the local area. Local press is always looking for good new stories and a sponsorship that will benefit the area is likely to be picked up well.

Any press coverage should be saved so that you can present the PR potential to future businesses that may be interested in sponsoring your group.  

What was achieved?

Organisations will want to be kept in the loop in terms of your group’s progress and achievements. Keep your sponsors informed about what is planned to happen and results of the sponsorship. This can be done via social media or a monthly newsletter.

Get feedback

Following six months to a year after your partnership, get some feedback from the sponsor. Do they feel that the sponsorship was beneficial? Getting feedback could give you some ideas of areas to improve on and you can use their positive quotes when you pitch sponsorship to other local organisations.

For more tips and help in attracting sponsorship for your community improvement, keep checking our community hub

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