Get out planting: it’s National Gardening Week!

Get out planting: it’s National Gardening Week!

National Gardening Week was launched six years ago by the RHS. The event has a different theme each year and in 2017 it’s all about inspiring new gardeners to grow plants. Between 10th April and 16th April, there will be activities held at the four RHS Gardens across the country.

Gardeners new and old are also encouraged to get involved in their own activities, whether it’s their personal garden or a public space.

Community gardening groups

If you want to help your community improve its local spaces, there are likely to be a number of gardening groups close to you that would benefit from an extra pair of hands. One of the most popular gardening campaigns is Britain in Bloom, which involves local group across the UK competing against each other.  

Close to 2,000 groups take part in the campaign each year. The 2017 finalists have now been announced, so take a look at the list and see if you could volunteer at any of the groups local to you. With judging taking place in June, the next few months will be a busy time for entrants. 

Depending on your skill-set and what areas you’re interested in, there are a range of activities you could help with in a group. Planting displays, maintaining street furniture, caring for conservation areas and designing floral displays are just some of the activities that Britain in Bloom volunteers work on. 

Making a public space attractive

With products including self-watering planters which keep floral displays healthier for longer, attractive and durable street furniture and a range of easy-to-use outdoor bins that help keep public spaces free from waste, Amberol work with local authorities and community groups to keep Britain looking great!

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