How trees can thrive in self-watering planters

How trees can thrive in self-watering planters

People are often surprised when we tell them that our self-watering planters are perfect for growing trees. We’re not suggesting that you put an oak tree in your container, but our large floor standing planters are ideal for smaller trees, particularly in areas with little outside space. They can bring height and colour to the blandest of spaces and can be used to fill a gap or screen an unsightly view.

The best season for planting trees in the UK is from November to late March. During these months, the tree roots are dormant and can cope better with being moved.

So, as now is the perfect planting time, we’ve put together some general advice on planting and maintaining trees in self-watering containers.

Choosing the right soil - Soil is an important factor in the health of your tree. The soil needs to be aerated and well drained – never a problem when using self-watering planters! Peat based is best although as a limited resource should be used sparingly. To maintain the tree properly, the soil needs to be refreshed each spring. This is done by removing the dry topsoil and replacing it with fresh and enriched soil.

Planting the tree - Dig out a square hole in the centre – slightly deeper and wider than the roots of the tree and loosen the soil around the edge of the hole. Put the tree in the hole and gently untangle the roots if they are clogged.

The mark on the tree from where it originally started to grow above ground should be level with the top of the soil. Hold the tree in place and gently push the soil back into the hole. If planting a young tree, tie a stake loosely to the trunk to provide support. Trees in containers dry out quicker than those growing in the ground – but again this isn’t a problem with Amberol’s self-watering planters as long as the water reservoir is topped up once a week.

Choosing the right container - Trees can be planted in moveable or permanent containers, but it is important to ensure that the container is large enough to accommodate the tree as it matures.

Ideally, planters should complement their surroundings and the tree itself. Amberol’s large floor standing containers are ideal for small trees and our planterware range provides stylish containers which can be customised for your purposes. There is an array of colours available in different sizes and designs. Amberol’s self-watering planters are lightweight, strong, durable and above all frost resistant.

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