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Herefordshire launch Stop the Drop anti-litter campaign

Herefordshire launch Stop the Drop anti-litter campaign

Littering is a major concern for councils across the UK - and a significant drain on resources. For example, in the county of Herefordshire the council spends around £1 million every year on clearing litter.

The introduction of a new campaign by the council aims to highlight the amount of litter in town and the affect this is having on the budget. The ‘Stop the Drop’ campaign included placing a litter truck in the town centre holding the amount of litter collected that day – a staggering one tonne in weight.

The council has also teamed up with a public realm contractor to provide litter picking kits for those taking part in community litter picks.

“Some people mistakenly think if they pay their taxes they have the right just to chuck stuff on the ground for others to dispose of,” comments Councillor Paul Rone. “But they don’t, tax revenues are for vital services like schools and helping vulnerable people. Not to waste on waste.”

It is important for councils to implement a proactive litter strategy. A positive campiagn can encourage residents to take responsibility for disposing of their waste responsibly and to take pride in their surroundings. An effective strategy can save councils money, improve the appearance of the town, village or city and increase funding in other areas. The litter action group Keep Britain Tidy has a range of anti-littering campaigns and is always a useful website for ideas and resources.

Amberol’s range of bins can offer the perfect support to a council’s litter strategy. The functional design has helped a number of councils and communities to tackle litter issues more effectively. You can find out how by looking at our client case studies.

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