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Penguin spotted in Lincoln!

Penguin spotted in Lincoln!

Amberol help St Marks Shopping Centre clean up with Westminster and Percy penguin bins.

St Marks Shopping Centre ( www.stmarks-lincoln.co.uk) is an open air retail site in Lincoln city centre. Well used by local residents, the site includes many national high street chains as well as cafes, fast food outlets and restaurants.

Public areas with significant footfall like shopping centres can often be litter hotspots, particularly if there are takeaway food premises on site, and so the implementation of a clear litter strategy is an important part of centre management.

At St Marks, it was decided to embark on a litter bin replacement programme to install new bins in stages. Centre Supervisor Rick Waby explains how the process was carried out.

“Our old bins were made of metal and had open tops, which really isn’t ideal for litter disposal as rubbish can blow away or be spread about by vandals or even vagrants. We decided that we needed a new design of bin and consulted centre staff for their opinions so we could agree the key features that we wanted.”

Design meets quality

Rick carried out research on the internet and came across Amberol’s range of bins which seemed to meet all the centre’s requirements. After a visit from an Amberol representative, Rick was impressed by the quality of the company’s products. He opted for the sturdy Westminster Bin, which is a popular choice for outdoor locations. With a capacity of 90 litres, the Westminster has a hooded top to allow an easy deposit, but which makes it more difficult to access or disturb contents.

Rick felt the design was much more suitable and being made from recyclable polyethylene like all Amberol bins, the Westminster was a more environmentally friendly choice than the old metal bins. He bought an initial batch of seven with plans to buy additional bins later in the replacement cycle.

Percy comes to Lincoln

Another Amberol bestseller caught Rick’s eye when navigating the website – the popular Percy Penguin litter bin. Percy can be found in zoos, parks, shopping centres, public spaces and theme parks across the UK and as far afield as Australia. The novelty element of popping a piece of rubbish into Percy’s beak has proven very popular with the young (and young at heart) and Rick decided that a Percy bin would make great addition to St Marks.

Since settling into his new home, Percy has attracted some media attention with a story on BBC Radio Lincoln and stories in the local press. Rick has also organised a charity fundraising competition to find new name for the penguin bin involving children from the Lincoln Hospital. Each entrant makes a contribution to the Air Ambulance charity with the winning entry receiving a penguin toy donated by the centre’s toy shop tenant.

Overall, the first stage of St Marks’ bin replacement initiative has been a big success and Rick is delighted with the choice he made opting for Amberol products saying: “The customer service has been brilliant from start to finish and the bins are high quality. I’d happily recommend Amberol to any organisation looking for good design and a robust product.”

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