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5 plants that grow well in containers

5 plants that grow well in containers

When planted up with the right flowers, even smaller containers such as window boxes and barrier baskets can look simply stunning. The use of self-watering planters can also help ensure beautiful results by providing moisture and nutrients as and when needed.

Many of our customers use barrier baskets and window boxes to create floral waves of colour in town centres, on street railings and in a wide range of public places. So, what are some of the flowering plants that grow best in these smaller planters?

  1. Nasturtiums - these well-known plants come in different varieties and will either trail or climb depending on the impact that you are looking to create. They have the advantage of being easy to grow as well as producing edible flowers often used in cooking and as attractive food garnishes. They are also great pollinators for those looking to do their bit for the bee population.
  2. Petunias - another reliable summer bloom that continues to flower in a variety of glorious colours even throughout the hot weather. Petunia axillaris, or wild white petunia, is a more profusely growing plant, while a healthy Surfinia petunia plant will spill over the edge of a window box or barrier basket to create an attractive cascading effect.
  3. Scaevola - can be used to create colourful impact alongside or as an alternative to trailing lobelia in containers. Originally hailing from Australia, scaevola are also tolerant of drought, which is less of a problem in self-watering containers. This evergreen perennial comes in attractive shades of blue and pink.
  4. Geraniums – another common flower known for its robustness that comes in many different varieties. Chose a hardy geranium that works well as ground cover – an economical and reliable choice.
  5. Tickseed – this popular flowering plant has over 100 different varieties as well as numerous hybrids. This brightly coloured flower is reminiscent of daisies and grows profusely in planters as well as in flower beds.

And don’t forget the edibles…..

Fruit and vegetables can also grow well in barrier baskets and planters. Strawberries are a popular choice and can thrive in small spaces. Ideally, they need a fertile soil and plenty of sun. One of the advantages of smaller planters is that they can be easily moved to different locations to ensure the right conditions for healthy growth.

The Amberol range of barrier baskets and window planters

Amberol’s barrier baskets are designed to straddle the top of railings or guard rails and can really brighten up a streetscape. Available in a range of sizes to suit different spaces and locations, the longest barrier basket measures 1.5 metres and has a soil capacity of 54 litres with a water capacity of 23 litres.

Amberol’s wall and window boxes come in four different lengths and are supplied with coated toughened steel brackets, which provide quick and easy installation to ensure that they are securely fastened in situ.

All barrier baskets and window boxes include the following features:

  • Double walled insulation to keep plants cool in summer and protected in the colder months
  • Integral water reservoir ensuring access to water as required
  • Easy access filling points
  • Inner liners for quick and easy off-site planting making seasonal changeovers easy to manage
  • Made from recyclable polyethylene

For more information about the Amberol range of self-watering barrier baskets and window boxes, call 01773 830 930, email or visit the relevant section on the Amberol website.