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How our self-watering planters have helped our customers

How our self-watering planters have helped our customers

The location, surroundings and size of projects may vary, but one thing unites all of the councils, Britain in Bloom groups and businesses that we supply self-watering containers to: their desire to improve the visual appearance of their area.

Whether it’s a bustling city centre or an idyllic country village, Amberol’s self-watering containers have helped to bring life and nature to a range of spaces – even streets originally filled with nothing more than brick and mortar.

Over the years we’ve loved seeing how our self-watering planters have been used across the country, creating a versatility which means that no two container displays are the same.  Whether a hanging basket or a tiered planter our self-watering planters can hold anything from flowers and shrubs to vegetables and fruit.

Here are details of how our planters have helped councils, Britain in Bloom groups, schools, universities and businesses make Britain beautiful.

Surrounding businesses

It’s not just visitors and residents who reap the benefits of adding floral displays and colour to an area. Local businesses may often experience a significant increase in trade as a result. This is exactly what was seen in Belfast.

With over 286,000 residents and plenty of tourists each year, Belfast is a busy city. As a result, Belfast City Council places a high importance on making the public areas look good and attractive for local businesses.

A longstanding relationship with the council has meant that the centre is now full of a variety of different self-watering planters. Philip Doherty of Belfast City Council’s Parks & Leisure Department, explains the additions have had a positive effect on businesses in the area too. “Quite a few of our businesses have said that they really like to see the planters being put in place and that they see real benefits in dressing the streets.”

Floral displays also have a positive economic effect within the city, with many local businesses commenting on the impact that the planters create. 

Britain in Bloom entries 

We’re not saying that winning your Britain in Bloom category is solely down to using our planters, but we have a good record in helping villages, towns and cities alike in their applications; just ask Market Harborough. The town has won gold several times in the East Midlands in Bloom Large Town category.

“The self-watering planters enable plants to look their best and they really make an impact, bringing splashes of colour to the town,” says MHiBV co-ordinator Margaret Richards. “People often say how bright and colourful they look and some even say that they come to Market Harborough because the town looks so good.”

Save time

Amberol’s self-watering planters only need to be topped up once or twice a week, saving councils and volunteer groups time and money. Unlike traditional planters, they do not leak and evaporation is kept to a minimum meaning that much less watering is needed: something that is very appealing to buyers.

“With the use of Amberol’s special self-watering system, we are able to manage with a maximum of two visits a week by our watering crews in most summers,” explains a representative from Birmingham Parks and Nurseries DSO. “This would compare to daily visits required for other non-reservoir types of containers during the warmer months.”

Jeff Gouldthorpe, a member of Blooming Milford echoes the thoughts by adding that “Once planted up, the containers need far less maintenance than traditional containers and really lighten our workload.”

Self-watering planters

If you want to experience the benefits of our self-watering planters in your area and join our long list of happy customers, browse our range here or call us on 01773 830 930 for more information.

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