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Award-winning floral displays by Stanley Town Council

Award-winning floral displays by Stanley Town Council

In this blog, David Jarvis, the Neighbourhood Warden from Stanley Town Council discusses how he has used Amberol’s self-watering planters for their quality and low maintenance when planting their award-winning floral displays, as well as saving money!

Britain in Bloom Success…

Stanley Town Council work with 35 community partners who are active in the Northumbria in Bloom events from 2019 to the present day. In 2023, Stanley Town Council were awarded Gold in the ‘large town’ category in the national Britain in Bloom competition.

David Jarvis, Neighbourhood Warden at Stanley Town Council said:

“Stanley Town Council support the In Bloom community groups on a daily basis, because they are our lifeline in the community to promote community engagement and sustainability. We were delighted to be recognised for our efforts last year, winning Gold in the ‘large town’ category in the national Britain in Bloom competition. This was achieved using the planters from Amberol, so thank you all at Amberol.”

Self-watering planter investment…

Over the last few years, Stanley Town Council have ordered Amberol’s self-watering tiered planters with three and two tiers, as well as some barrier planters. The planters were purchased for Stanley in Bloom and Northumbria in Bloom events.

They are located throughout the Stanley Town Council area in high profile locations to enhance the area with colourful spring / summer floral displays.

David has been using Amberol’s self-watering planters for many years and said:

“When I worked for Blyth Valley Borough Council back in the 1970s as an apprentice gardener, we only purchased Amberol’s self-watering planters and I have continued to the present day. Amberol’s planters are heavy duty and can stand the test of time when it comes to product life. They have reduced watering frequency which aids in the overall maintenance and saves money. The Amberol self-watering planters we purchased in 2019 are still in great condition and as they are black, it doesn’t show up any unsightly marks when transported from location to location.”

For more information on Amberol’s self-watering planters or new Planter Enhancement Range, please call 01773 830 930, email sales@amberol.co.uk or visit www.amberol.co.uk

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