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Tim’s Travel Blog… Transforming old planters

Tim’s Travel Blog… Transforming old planters

In November, Tim Troman, Amberol’s Business Development Manager was busy launching Amberol’s New Planter Enhancement range at FutureScape 2023 and this month he has been transforming some old Amberol planters with the new range.

Amberol’s new Planter Enhancement range of contemporary parklets and planters has been designed to help transform outdoor environments, whether that’s creating dedicated well-being zones or community hubs. The parklets can feature a combination of seating and planters that can be filled with stunning and tranquil flowers, plants or trees.

Sustainable planters…

Tim is pleased the new Planter Enhancement range integrates Amberol’s self-watering Metre Square and Promenade planters and said:

“We understand the growing need for our customers to address environmental issues and implement plant friendly gardening practices in towns and cities and is why we manufacture sustainable self-watering planters to save their time, water and money.”

Transforming old planters…

The new planter surrounds can also transform old Amberol Metre Square and Promenade planters with a new contemporary and stylish look.

Tim has transformed a 20-year-old Metre Square Planter with a new planter surround from the new Planter Enhancement range and said:

"Although the Metre Square planter was still in working condition, it was looking a little tired after 20 years... The new wood planter surround gives it a new lease of life, while still integrating the old Metre Square planter."

Easy to install…

The new Planter Enhancement range has been designed to ensure it is easy to install for the customer and last week Tim built a new parklet from the range and said:

“As an amateur, I was impressed that I was able to build a new parklet with planters and seating in 18 minutes! The easy-to-follow instructions to build the parklet from flat pack part-built materials and 24 stainless screws was straightforward, completed with Amberol’s self-watering planters.”

Feature and Benefits…

High quality materials - the seating and planter surrounds are available in wood, recycled wood effect plastic, steel or dibond panels to feature graphics, logos or advertising. The panels are interconnected with a combination of roto moulded curved corners and T posts that can be manufactured from up to 100% recycled materials*.

Flexible solution - the planters and parklets feature self-levelling feet as standard, offering a quick and cost-effective option to improve your area on a permanent or temporary basis.

Bespoke and personalisation – the contemporary panels are easily interchangeable to create a variety of parklet seating and planter design combinations. The range is available in a wide range of standard colours and bespoke colours are available upon request*.

*Subject to availability and MOQs.

For more information on Amberol’s new Planter Enhancement Range or to arrange a demo with Tim, please call 01773 830 930, email sales@amberol.co.uk or visit www.amberol.co.uk