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Warwick Train Station invests in self-watering planters

Warwick Train Station invests in self-watering planters

Taking the train can be one of the most pleasurable and relaxing ways to travel. And, at Warwick Railway Station, the scenery just got a little better thanks to a collaboration with Amberol.

Friends of Warwick Railway Station, Warwick Chamber of Trade, Warwick Town Council and Chiltern Railways all came together recently to invest in the historic town’s train station. One of the enhancements was making the station environment more attractive through the addition of new self-watering planters supplied by Amberol.

Creating a floral landscape

Six new planters, including Amberol’s popular wood effect barrel planters, have been installed on the station’s London-bound platform. The new planters were paid for by a grant from the Welcome Back fund from HM Government via the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

The ERDF has been set up to improve economic and social cohesion with an additional focus on creating greener areas. It aims to help places rebuild after the challenges of the pandemic.

Funds have also been used elsewhere in the town, including installing more floral planters as well as improving barriers and creating a new marketing campaign to promote the town.

Creating a great first impression at Warwick

Warwick train station is an important transport hub for the town which is popular with visitors who come to see the ancient castle, beautiful park and historic buildings. The train station services London Marylebone as well as nearby Birmingham and Stratford-upon-Avon.

One of the reasons for focusing on self-watering planters at the station was to create a great first impression for the many visitors who make a significant contribution to the town’s economy. A similar project using money from the same grant was also undertaken at the town’s bus station in the summer.

Sue Butcher, chair of Warwick Chamber of Trade commented: “We are delighted to use this funding to help our town centre recover and to enhance entry points to the town centre, giving people a great first impression to ensure Warwick is seen in the best possible light, encouraging more people to visit."

Making the most of local opportunities

Jayne Topham, town clerk also pointed out that the 2022 Commonwealth Games which are being hosted in Birmingham offer an exciting opportunity for the town. “Warwick Station is so important as a gateway to the town,” she commented. "With the Commonwealth Games next year the town council are committed to enhancing the station expanding Warwick in Bloom with hanging baskets to be placed in front of the station and ongoing planting on the London Platform.”

Warwick Station has a long history, much like the historic town within which it’s located. Although much of Warwick was destroyed by fire in 1694, numerous medieval buildings are still standing today, as well as the town’s east and west stone gates.

Amberol’s MD Patience Atkinson-Gregory is delighted to see improvements being made at stations such as Warwick up and down the country. “Railway stations are a key part of local economies and can play a significant part in encouraging visitors to a place,” she said. “The job that volunteers and other local organisations such as chambers of commerce and councils are doing to maintain train stations is wonderful to see.”

Adopt a station today

The Community Rail Network which runs a station adoption scheme across the UK is an organisation made up of community rail partnerships which promote work around a range of areas, including sustainable travel, disabled access and community involvement. Groups work on a range of projects to improve their railway station from infrastructure to art installations.

Interested in improving your station? Amberol’s range of litter bins can help keep your station clean and tidy, while Amberol’s self-watering planters can bring a splash of floral cheer to your station platforms and communal areas. Call 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk for more information.