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Keeping in touch with the In Bloom community with the RHS

Keeping in touch with the In Bloom community with the RHS

One of the strengths of Britain in Bloom is its strong sense of community. So, although everyone is physically apart at the moment, the RHS has been looking at ways of bringing people together. As a result, the organisation has been working on expanding its online community and has recently launched a new newsletter: ‘Blooming Great News’ to help the In Bloom and gardening community keep in touch.

The idea behind the fortnightly newsletter is to celebrate and spread the news about the many initiatives and activity that is still going on in community gardening groups, schools and homes. People can submit photos or comments on what they see when out and about on their daily, socially distanced exercise.

Sharing the good news

So, what’s included in issue one of Blooming Great News?

Plant a rainbow: The RHS is urging people to join the rainbow theme by growing the different colours of the rainbow in their gardens and backyards, on balconies or in window boxes. As most people know, the rainbow has become an important symbol of hope and thanks during the challenging weeks of lockdown, brightening windows, walls and railings. As we enter mid-Spring, and with the recent mild weather it’s the perfect time to be planting for early summer blooming to keep all our spirits up.

Grow and tell: This is a great opportunity for the gardening community to come together online and share ideas and inspiration amongst each other by submitting pictures of what people are growing as well as what they see when on their daily exercise. Just use the hashtag #GrowandTell

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Other initiatives include: ‘Tell us a story’ - in which people are invited to share stories about what is growing and going on horticulturally in their communities during lockdown. Meanwhile, the ‘Grow at home’ campaign aims to help support people and boost their wellbeing by offering advice for people who aren't sure where to start with gardening. It also includes fun activities to try out with children and a range of ideas for daily activities in the garden. Visit the Grow at home webpage for some great ideas for the novice gardener.

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