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Looking for inspiration? Join Amberol’s Buzz in Bloom Facebook group

Looking for inspiration? Join Amberol’s Buzz in Bloom Facebook group

Britain in Bloom is all about community. Despite the fact that it is a competition, the individuals and groups who take part are mutually supportive, sharing the common goal of making their environment better, cleaner, brighter, more beautiful.

Sharing Britain in Bloom expertise and experience

Although many entries at both national level and regional level are volunteer-led, there is a wealth of valuable horticultural expertise and experience to be found amongst the groups, which in our experience, people are usually happy to share. It’s one of the strengths of the whole Britain in Bloom initiative which has been making such a difference to the country’s landscape since 1963.

We have found a similar sense of camaraderie and community amongst Amberol customers, whether they are councils, professional horticulturalists, businesses, individuals or dedicated community gardening groups. Informally, many of our customers turn to each other for advice and inspiration, sharing tips and stories.

A place to share and inspire

And so, we thought it would be helpful to set up a space where individuals and organisations involved in Britain in Bloom could communicate online, asking for help, exchanging ideas, offering advice, posting great photos and imparting good news to others in the In Bloom community. As a result, the Amberol ‘Buzz in Bloom’ Facebook group was created last year. Anyone involved in Britain in Bloom or a similar community initiative such as It’s Your Neighbourhood is welcome to join.

Be part of the Britain in Bloom community

This means that no matter where you are in the country, you can be part of the nationwide In Bloom community, keeping up to date with what’s happening and using the space to share what you're up to, ideas that worked well for you or challenges you're facing that other people might be able to help with. You might want suggestions for attracting new recruits to your group, planting advice or product suggestions. After all, the better Britain looks, the more we all benefit.

The Buzz in Bloom Facebook group is also a great place to share photos of gardens, displays and public places. So, you can both offer and receive inspiration as well as commenting, communicating and supporting one another.

As a closed group, only members can see posts. It’s not a place to advertise or promote, but to share, inspire and support. We do ask that if members want to share someone else's photo or comments outside of the group, they seek the relevant member’s permission first.

Join Amberol’s Buzz in Bloom group

Please note, as it is a closed group, applications to join do need to be approved by the group’s independent administrator.

To find out more about how using Amberol’s self-watering planters, litter bins, benches and picnic tables can enhance your community, call 01773 830 930 or email sales@amberol.co.uk to find out more or to book a no-obligation on-site demonstration.

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Looking for more inspiration? Join Amberol’s Buzz in Bloom Facebook group