Can emojis prevent littering in schools?

Can emojis prevent littering in schools?

We’re all familiar with Tidyman, the Keep Britain Tidy anti-litter logo that is found on most packaging to encourage the correct disposal of the material. Whilst not quite an emoji, the symbol has been in place since 1972 and actively encourages people to follow Tidyman’s example in disposing responsibly of waste.

The Tidyman is part of the nationwide messaging campaign to solve the littering problem and now, the British Plastics Federation (BPF) and PlasticsEurope have partnered with the Marine Conservation Society for a new incentive that uses emojis to specifically prevent littering in schools.

How emojis are being used to prevent littering

The ‘Bincentive’ is using emoji-based messages on a series of posters that can be placed around a school to discourage littering and promote recycling. Each poster has dialogue which includes emojis.

The campaign rewards students who correctly dispose of their waste with a token. Schools can then decide what reward to give the individual or class with the most tokens.

The scheme not only aims to decrease littering, but also to educate young people about the issues associated with litter and how they can make a difference by disposing of their waste properly. By using emojis, the idea is that the messaging can connect with young people in a fun and less serious manner.  

Schools throughout the UK are being encouraged to take part in the incentive.

Educational litter bins for children

At Amberol we believe that it’s important start establishing good habits early by encouraging responsible litter disposal at a young age. These good habits are then likely to remain with the children throughout their lives. 

“It’s great to see such an imaginative anti-littering campaign,” comments Amberol’s MD Patience-Atkinson Gregory. “We have found that clear signage combined with good bin design can really make a difference to litter reduction.”  

This is one of the reasons why we have developed a range of educational bins that are specifically designed for children (although we find that they appeal just as much to adults!).  Our animal and bird shaped bins have the wow factor and often attract queues of little people eager to deposit their litter. They can also be made to speak or sing with the addition of a voice box, reinforcing good behaviour with a voice message or song.

The colourful bins, including a bear and four different birds, are highly successful in places where young people meet, learn and play. Look out for them in schools, theme parks, shopping centres and parks.

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