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Belgium is blooming thanks to Amberol’s self-watering planters

Belgium is blooming thanks to Amberol’s self-watering planters

Amberol’s self-watering containers have helped cities across Belgium to keep blooming throughout the summer months –  all while saving water.

Popular with city councils, the self-watering planters can be found all across Belgium in public spaces, parks and shopping centres, helping to create some eye-catching floral displays. Because Amberol’s planters only need watering once a week, even during the warmer summer weather,  the councils are also able to save on time, maintenance and money.

Creating optimal conditions for growing plants

Xavier Duhem, sales manager at Sanac, Amberol’s distributor in Belgium has been selling Amberol products for around 20 years. Xavier explains why the self-watering containers are proving so popular.

“Many cities across Belgium are beginning to catch on to the idea of self-watering planters,” he says. “They realise that not only do they create the very best conditions for growing flowers and edible plants, but they also reduce the need for maintenance and conserve water all at the same time. Our customers have used them to create some truly stunning displays.”

The self-watering containers can be found across Belgium including the cities of La Roche in the west, La Louvière in the south east and Koksijde by the North Sea.  Regions of the Belgian capital of Brussels, most notably Anderlecht and Uccle, have also been brightened up by displays of ‘modern urban flower integration’.

The self-watering planters have a built-in water reservoir with a series of capillaries to ‘suck up’ the water which is dispersed via an expander pad. Because the water is stored under the soil, it doesn’t evaporate whatever the weather conditions. 

“The most popular products this year include the cup and saucer hanging baskets and the tiered planters which our customers like because they are easy to plant and have a large water reservoir, making them really easy to maintain even when the weather is hot and dry as it has been this year,” adds Xavier. 


Transforming cities into gardens

Sanac’s largest customer in Belgium is Bota-Concept. The company’s mission statement is ‘Together, let’s transform our cities into gardens’. It offers turnkey projects to cities aiming to increase the amount of green space in urban areas. The self-watering tiered fountains and floor standing planters are very popular amongst the company’s city council clients. In fact, the company has planted up around 200 self-watering containers this year, including 150 tiered beehive planters.  

Bertrand Pettiaux from Bota-Concept explains: “We plant up the tiered fountains and floor standing planters in our nursery and send them out once they are fully grown.  We have had up to 45 degrees in the nursery early this summer and even in these extreme conditions we only watered them once a week.”

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